Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others


July 2018



The Holy Ghost revealed unto Simeon that he wouldn’t see death until he had seen the Lord’s Christ.

So he went about his life with purpose: he was living to see the King of Kings.

Are you living with the same intent?

Luke 2:25-30


Promise Keeper

Are you allowing yourself hopelessness in place of hopefulness?

Hagar had every reason to be hopeful when she left Abraham’s camp. Not because she had been provided with essentials for survival but because of a conversation she had with the angel of The Lord prophesying a multitude of descendants from her son.

But instead of focusing on God’s promises she focused on her current situation: she had little to live on, no plan and no help. She disregarded the angels message and immediately began to prepare herself and her son to perish.

When she should have been praising she was pouting.

God saw fit, as he always does, to keep his promises. He miraculously provided for Hagar and her son. Her eyes were opened to a well in the wilderness. Hagar and Ishmael would survive. God continued to keep his promises. A nation descended from Ishmael.

Christian, don’t allow your hope in The Lord to decline when situations don’t look promising. He is always working things for your good. Praise him no matter how dire the situation seems.

Genesis 16:7-11 & Genesis 21:14-21



From prison Jeremiah spoke the word of The Lord. Baruch, a scriber, wrote the words on a scroll. The words of the scroll were made known to the princes and kings. It told of their future destruction if they didn’t repent of their evil ways.

They chose not to heed to the word. Instead they threw the scroll in the fire. But choosing to act as if they’d never heard the warning didn’t work on their behalf. They were still punished.

Has The Lord given you direction in your life? Has he convicted you of sin? Are you choosing to ignore His love? Are you “playing dumb” in hopes that He’ll let it slide?

God knows your heart. Be honest with yourself. Grow in The Lord.

Jeremiah 36:1-32


Famine had come through the land. Food was scarce. But there was a man within the camp that knew of herbs that could be gathered out of a nearby field. He set off to bring home food to his people.

On the way he came upon wild gourds. In comparison these vegetables seemed far superior to the herbs. They seemed as if they would be more fulfilling. They looked as if they would provide more substance.

But unbeknownst to the him and the campers the gourds were poisonous.

As Christ’s children we are told to grow. To desire the Word of God. To seek it out so that it can nourish us.

But how often do we get sidetracked by something that we think is more worthwhile? How often do we lose focus of obtaining the Word when we stumble upon something else?

The world is full of snares to deter you from serving Jesus. Make it a point to only partake in things that will grow you in Him.

II Kings 4:38-41


The Reason Why

At times Paul’s ministry didn’t have the desired affect that he had hoped it would. Some people weren’t enthused at all by his efforts or dedication to The Lord.

Like the man, Eutychus. He fell three stories to his death because he fell asleep during one of Paul’s sermons.

That could’ve been discouraging for Paul. He could’ve quit preaching the gospel right then because “people don’t care what I have to say. I’m not reaching them.”

But instead he went on. Paul, through Jesus’ name, raised Eutychus back to life, ate a snack and then went right back to preaching.

The Lord is the one who calls you into ministry. He is the one to say if you should continue in it. Not the numbers, the turnouts, enthusiasm, or lack thereof.

If we base our willingness to do ministry work on people’s responses we are following after man, not God.

Set out to glorify God in the ministry He has given you. Press on knowing that you’re accomplishing His will, regardless of how people react.

Acts 20:7-12

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