Famine had come through the land. Food was scarce. But there was a man within the camp that knew of herbs that could be gathered out of a nearby field. He set off to bring home food to his people.

On the way he came upon wild gourds. In comparison these vegetables seemed far superior to the herbs. They seemed as if they would be more fulfilling. They looked as if they would provide more substance.

But unbeknownst to the him and the campers the gourds were poisonous.

As Christ’s children we are told to grow. To desire the Word of God. To seek it out so that it can nourish us.

But how often do we get sidetracked by something that we think is more worthwhile? How often do we lose focus of obtaining the Word when we stumble upon something else?

The world is full of snares to deter you from serving Jesus. Make it a point to only partake in things that will grow you in Him.

II Kings 4:38-41