Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others


July 2018


Famine had come through the land. Food was scarce. But there was a man within the camp that knew of herbs that could be gathered out of a nearby field. He set off to bring home food to his people.

On the way he came upon wild gourds. In comparison these vegetables seemed far superior to the herbs. They seemed as if they would be more fulfilling. They looked as if they would provide more substance.

But unbeknownst to the him and the campers the gourds were poisonous.

As Christ’s children we are told to grow. To desire the Word of God. To seek it out so that it can nourish us.

But how often do we get sidetracked by something that we think is more worthwhile? How often do we lose focus of obtaining the Word when we stumble upon something else?

The world is full of snares to deter you from serving Jesus. Make it a point to only partake in things that will grow you in Him.

II Kings 4:38-41


The Reason Why

At times Paul’s ministry didn’t have the desired affect that he had hoped it would. Some people weren’t enthused at all by his efforts or dedication to The Lord.

Like the man, Eutychus. He fell three stories to his death because he fell asleep during one of Paul’s sermons.

That could’ve been discouraging for Paul. He could’ve quit preaching the gospel right then because “people don’t care what I have to say. I’m not reaching them.”

But instead he went on. Paul, through Jesus’ name, raised Eutychus back to life, ate a snack and then went right back to preaching.

The Lord is the one who calls you into ministry. He is the one to say if you should continue in it. Not the numbers, the turnouts, enthusiasm, or lack thereof.

If we base our willingness to do ministry work on people’s responses we are following after man, not God.

Set out to glorify God in the ministry He has given you. Press on knowing that you’re accomplishing His will, regardless of how people react.

Acts 20:7-12

A Good Sequel

The woman at the well that proclaimed “come meet Jesus, the man that told me all I ever did” continued to win people over to The Lord.

We find her later in Samaria surrounded by people converting to Christianity. People acknowledged her testimony as what sparked an interest for them in Christ.

What’s been the rest of your story? After your born-again experience what have you done for The Lord?

Continue to be about The Father’s business. Live a life that makes for a good sequel.

John 4:39-42

Beyond Me

A lifeless body was thrown into Elisha’s tomb. When it touched Elisha’s bones it resurrected.

God was still working through Elisha…even after his death.

Our work, our life, in Christ isn’t an “one and done” sort of thing. The works we do in Jesus’ name, the life lived for Him will have an affect on people long after we reach our eternal home.

Death isn’t an obstacle with our Lord.

II Kings 13:20-21


Goliath’s sword had quite the history with David. David took it from Goliath after he killed him with the stone. The sword was the weapon he used to dismember Goliath’s head from his body.

Goliath’s sword was also the weapon David used to cut a piece of clothing off of Saul while he slept in a cave.

David was able to make use of the victory God had previously given him. He was able to take from his past to help him in the present.

Have you made a habit of doing the same thing?

Bring to remembrance the times that God has provided for you. Write them down. Meditate on them. Using your history with God will strengthen you as you walk in the here and now.

I Samuel 21:9

Irrelevant Factors

Moses struggled with the decision to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. One of the reasons he was hesitant to go was because he felt like he didn’t speak eloquently enough. He feared that the people would misunderstand him. Maybe he feared that they would laugh at him.

But the decision came to this: Was he going to serve God and go or was he going to please himself and stay?

Often times we allow unnecessary factors weigh into are decision making. But the answer is simple: who are you looking to please?

Moses chose to please God.

You do the same.

Exodus 4:10


I’ve been back in WV for the Fourth. 🇺🇸 While there I was so grateful for the opportunity to teach a little from #winning to the C101 class at Goldtown Community Church. I loved getting into the Word with them and hearing about how the Lord is working in their lives. Thank you Aaron and Susan Miller Jones and the rest of C101 for making me feel so welcome!

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