Psalm 123:1-4

It has been offered to and accepted by every person that has Jesus as their personal savior.

It has been imparted upon us without any consideration of our own works.

Sadly though there are Christians that are very stingy in who they think should receive it.

These Christians gladly accept the free gift but don’t want it extended it to others.

Condemning, critiquing, scoffing and scorning seems to top their list rather than the Christ-like love, forgiveness, compassion and understanding.

What is it?


How can someone that has been granted grace not want it shared?

I believe it’s because they’ve become reliant on their own self-righteousness (which in essence is null and void) and have led themselves to believe that they aren’t in need of grace any longer. They have bought in to the lie that works is what has saved them and hold everyone else to the same standard.

But they are mistaken.

Without the grace of God it doesn’t matter how many commandments you keep. Your morals don’t matter. Your personal convictions will get you nowhere. Your work is fruitless in the kingdom of Heaven.

Because the most crucial and needful difference between the saved and the sinner is the acceptance of the grace of God provided by the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.

Be aware of the fact that you are in need of grace just the same as anyone else and accept the truth that Christ offers it to everyone therefore you should lovingly do the same.