Elijah sat holed up in the cave ready to give up. He had dedicated his life to God only to have seemingly everyone turn away.

“There are seven thousand that haven’t given themselves to idols.” replied God to Elijah’s cries.

Elijah, being encouraged by this fact left the cave, ready to once again work for God.

Have you had this type of a conversation with God: “What could have I done differently to show them you? They’ve turned away! It’s just me. I’m alone. And it seems as if the devil himself would like nothing more than to destroy me.”

Let me remind you that God is faithful. Count the people around you that are living a righteous life. And be encouraged by the faithful servants, no matter how small the number may be.

Rise up renewed, revived and ready to proclaim Jesus to a lost and dying world.

Just please, don’t give up. Don’t stay hidden in a cave. Get out there and keep preaching Jesus. Keep studying the word. Keep walking the straight and narrow pathway. The Word you are living won’t return void. It will accomplish a purpose. Somebody is being affected. And they are worth it all.

II Kings 19:14-18