Abraham’s servant eagerly shared the blessings of The Lord with Rebekah’s family.

He gave them the account of how he met Rebekah at the well. He told them of her generosity. He assured them that she was the one The Lord had chosen to become wife to Isaac, Abraham’s son.

The time came for Rebekah to leave, to go to Isaac.

“Just give us ten more days, then she can go.” Rebekah’s mother and brother were hesitant to let her go. They knew it was The Lord’s will but they weren’t ready for the change. They wanted to enjoy their life as they knew it for just a little longer.

But Rebekah said that she must go, now. She understood that her place wasn’t with her family any longer. Her place was with her husband. With him she would be prosper. With him she would be in synch with The Lord’s will. She wanted to be there as soon as possible.

Are you like Rebekah’s mother and brother? Are you hanging onto the “here and now” because you like things the way they are? So much so that you are being a hindrance to The Lord’s will?

Embrace the change. No, your life won’t be the same, but be confident that God will work it to your good and His glory.

Genesis 24:29-60