If you claim Jesus as your personal savior and believe on him for forgiveness of sin and for eternal life then you are an ambassador for Christ. A representation of the great I Am. You are the light shining into this dark world.

How seriously are you taking this responsibility? And furthermore, what are you doing to fulfill your role?

Abstaining from sin? Attending church?Reading your Bible? All excellent and needful in any walk with Christ. But are you also helping others?

In Acts we read about several different people who lived their life following after Jesus. In the introductions of these people it is almost always mentioned that they helped others.

Phillip. Tabitha. Cornelius. All of these devout Christians had the introduction of ministering to the people.

Doesn’t that speak volumes?

Yes, they abstained from sin. I’m sure they gathered with other Christians to draw strength and encouragement. And surely they studied the ways of The Lord. But their reputation was that they ministered unto others. They helped those in need.

Look to let your light shine by helping others.