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Using the Word to Encourage Others


June 2018

Fight On

Nehemiah 4:12-23

Nehemiah led a group of workers to rebuild the walls of the city. They worked with a tool in one hand, a weapon in the other.

They did this because there were people threatening to overtake them. They realized that a battle was very likely.

But they chose not to retreat. They pressed on.

As Christians we need to realize that our adversary is looking to devour us. Within that same realization should come peace knowing that no one has the power to overcome us. There is never an acceptable reason to lay down our weapon and quit fighting the good fight. In Jesus we will always prevail.

I encourage you to be on guard. Be wary of what is taking place around you. Be vigilant. And continue to walk in victory.

Be Humble

Where will pride get you?

In the middle of a field, roaming around with mental issues for seven years; if you’re like King Nebuchadnezzar.

You see Daniel had interpreted a dream of despair to the king. He told him that he would hit rock bottom and stay there until he realized that the magnificence of his kingdom was from God and not himself.

Eight years later King Nebuchadnezzar stood in the middle of a field, looking and acting like a wild man when he acknowledged God’s presence in his life. In his success.

After this proclamation of praise and honor to our King He was given back his kingdom.

I encourage you to learn from King Nebuchadnezzar and give God glory now so that you won’t have to be reminded that he is the one that is worthy of all your praise.

Because the proud will be humbled. And the humble will be honored.

Working Faith

Sarah laughed, doubting that she would have a child because she and Abraham were both so old.

After her initial doubt she then chose to trust and believe that what the angels had spoken was true.

She believed enough to do her part. To “receive strength to conceive”. I think this scripture is telling us that Isaac wasn’t conceived as Jesus was. That his mother, Sarah was a willing, proactive participant in the conception of Isaac.

Sarah showed faith after her initial doubt.

God came through on His part.

Has the Spirit led you to do something seemingly impossible? Have you doubted that it will actually come to pass?

Move past the doubting and start showing your faith. Get on board with the plans God has for you.

Genesis 18:9-15


“How did they not see that coming?”

We use that phrase when we are completely shocked that someone would make such a terrible decision.

But perhaps it’s because they really didn’t foresee the consequences.

Because they were blinded, spiritually speaking. They lacked spiritual vision.

Remember that darkness isn’t just a place that spiritual wickedness reigns. It’s also a lifestyle that people choose to live because they have denied Jesus as their Savior and Guide.

Pray for the sinner’s vision to be healed. Pray for them to be saved.

Rise Up Revived

Elijah sat holed up in the cave ready to give up. He had dedicated his life to God only to have seemingly everyone turn away.

“There are seven thousand that haven’t given themselves to idols.” replied God to Elijah’s cries.

Elijah, being encouraged by this fact left the cave, ready to once again work for God.

Have you had this type of a conversation with God: “What could have I done differently to show them you? They’ve turned away! It’s just me. I’m alone. And it seems as if the devil himself would like nothing more than to destroy me.”

Let me remind you that God is faithful. Count the people around you that are living a righteous life. And be encouraged by the faithful servants, no matter how small the number may be.

Rise up renewed, revived and ready to proclaim Jesus to a lost and dying world.

Just please, don’t give up. Don’t stay hidden in a cave. Get out there and keep preaching Jesus. Keep studying the word. Keep walking the straight and narrow pathway. The Word you are living won’t return void. It will accomplish a purpose. Somebody is being affected. And they are worth it all.

II Kings 19:14-18

Be thankful

The Israelites felt like they were on the brink of starvation. The Lord provided for them miraculously. He sent bread from heaven for them to eat. It tasted so good to the Israelite people.

I imagine there was a lot of worshipping going on within the Israelites’ camp when they first tasted the manna.

That lasted about a year.

After days on end of miraculously receiving this food they tired of it. They became unhappy which led to ungratefulness. They decided they’d rather have fish, cucumbers and melons. Just like they’d had in Egypt.

Does this sound familiar?

We pray for God to bless us in our life. He does and we’re happy and grateful for awhile. But then that doesn’t satisfy us any longer and we want what we used to have or something different altogether.

Instead of following every whim of our flesh we need to learn to be content with God’s providence. We can do this by purposely thanking to Him for supplying our every need according to his riches in glory.

Numbers 11:4-9

It’s in the past

Have you allowed yesterday’s poor decisions affect today?

Have you allowed a missed opportunity to proclaim Jesus put you in a place where you’ve decided you’ll never be of use to The Lord?

Have you committed a sin that you feel has completely ruined your witness? Are you wanting to just give up serving Him because you think there is no coming back from it?

Remember Paul? The guy who we first met at the stoning of a Christian? The guy who was living his life to see Christians persecuted and sentenced to death? He was literally doing everything he could to get rid of Jesus’ followers.

Until he became one himself.

Then he turned into a huge advocate for the case of Christ. He spoke to councils. He led churches. He became one of the first missionaries. He penned down the majority of the New Testament.

How did he do this?

He kept his eyes fixed on Jesus, not on his past. You should do the same.

Be Perfect

“Well, nobody’s perfect.” says the follower of Christ as he deals with conviction of sin.

Then he goes on. No remorse. No asking for forgiveness. Just a nonchalant “I knew that was coming” attitude.

But Jesus called us to be perfect, even as he is perfect.

In our flesh we can’t obtain this goal but through the covering of Jesus’ blood and reliance of the Holy Spirit not only can we reach it but perfectness is expected of us.

If we set our standards to our flesh we will fail.

But if we set our standards on Jesus, trusting in Him, failure isn’t an option.

Matthew 5:48

Be Encouraged

Those obstacles you are facing may be a blessing in disguise.

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