The noise around became louder than the normal buzz. Commotion was picking up. Something was different. Bartimaeus was sure of it. Then he understood why: Jesus.

People all around were vying for a spot close enough to hear what this man had to say. This man who had performed miracles was coming his way.

“Thou Son of David!!!!” Bartimaeus yelled above the crowd.

“Jesus!!!!!! Have mercy on me!!!!”

Bartimaeus was pleading, begging for the Master’s touch.

He was blind. And he wanted nothing more than to see.

“Hush. Jesus doesn’t need to deal with you!!

Don’t bother him!

Be quiet!!!” The jeers were coming from every direction. Bartimaeus didn’t stand a chance.

Except Jesus heard his call. He stood still. And called for Bartimaeus to come to him.

Jesus gave him his sight. And in that moment his life had been forever changed.

And so was yours. The moment you chose to walk in the light with your Lord you’ve never been the same.

Keep calling out to Him. Keep listening for Him to speak to you. Don’t allow the crowds deter you. Keep seeking Jesus.