The Israelites were holding debts over each other’s heads. People were being traded into slavery. The lenders were taking more than their fair share from the debtors. The situation was getting out of hand. The Lord told the lenders to wipe the debt from the records and to restore the people. He told them that if they didn’t they would suffer consequences. The lenders gladly freed their brethren of their debts.

Isn’t that a picture of forgiveness?

The offender has gotten into a mess and the offended capitalizes on the situation. They just keep piling on shame because of a poor judgment choice once made. But when they offended listens to what God has to say “forgive them or I won’t forgive you” the situation changes. The offender is released of the torment of constantly being reminded of how they were wrong. The offended no longer has to keep a record, constantly reminding themselves of the wrongdoing.

God holds nothing against you when you come to Him. Let the burden of holding grudges go. Everyone will benefit from it.

Nehemiah 5:1-13