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May 2018

The World of Radio

The West Kentucky locals can listen in on 89.7 Monday through Friday for my morning minute devotionals beginning June 4th at 8:15 CST. For those that are out of the listening area you can stream the broadcast live on or find Elevate on the TuneIn Radio app.

Deal with Reality

Jesus said to the Samaritan woman, ‘Go get your husband…’

‘I don’t have a husband,’ she answered.

‘True. You’ve had five though and you’re living with a man now.’

The woman stood there dumbfounded. Here she had just tried to loophole the Messiah and He called her out on it.

We might think “what in the world? Why would she think she could trick Jesus?”

But haven’t you tried that before?

I have. I’ve tried to justify sin. I’ve tried to find a way to make it okay in my mind. I’ve tried to twist the Word to meet my needs.

But no one is capable of deceiving Jesus. Loopholing doesn’t help us along. It is a lie that will only slow us down. We need to deal with the reality of our situations. We need to call sin, sin and get out of it.

John 4:16-18


When you take inventory of your walk with Jesus who do you look to?

Do you size yourself up against your neighbor, pastor, spouse or friend?

Or do you look to Jesus? His Word?

Comparing ourselves to others is a sure way to either

a) provide yourself an opportunity to feel defeated or

b) provide yourself with an opportunity to become proud.

Neither pride nor defeat should make up a Christian’s character.

The Word will instruct you, reassure you and even at times correct you. Look to Jesus for feedback on how you’re doing.

Jesus Cares

The noise around became louder than the normal buzz. Commotion was picking up. Something was different. Bartimaeus was sure of it. Then he understood why: Jesus.

People all around were vying for a spot close enough to hear what this man had to say. This man who had performed miracles was coming his way.

“Thou Son of David!!!!” Bartimaeus yelled above the crowd.

“Jesus!!!!!! Have mercy on me!!!!”

Bartimaeus was pleading, begging for the Master’s touch.

He was blind. And he wanted nothing more than to see.

“Hush. Jesus doesn’t need to deal with you!!

Don’t bother him!

Be quiet!!!” The jeers were coming from every direction. Bartimaeus didn’t stand a chance.

Except Jesus heard his call. He stood still. And called for Bartimaeus to come to him.

Jesus gave him his sight. And in that moment his life had been forever changed.

And so was yours. The moment you chose to walk in the light with your Lord you’ve never been the same.

Keep calling out to Him. Keep listening for Him to speak to you. Don’t allow the crowds deter you. Keep seeking Jesus.

Get Rid of It

The crowd stood in awe at the bonfire before them. Fifty thousand pieces of silver worth shot up in flames. Purposefully.

The scorched items were once sorcerers books. The information, practices and beliefs went directly against what Paul had just taught. The material was the opposite of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So the men, after accepting Jesus as their personal savior, took the books and burnt them. They wanted no evidence of the past in their future. They wanted no temptation as they moved forward.

Are you willing to destroy any object that might stand in the way of serving Christ?

Jesus loved you so much that he had himself crucified. The only way that he could be that perfect sinless sacrifice was to deny himself.

I encourage you to give up whatever it is that stands between you and a closer walk with our Lord.

Serve Jesus wholeheartedly.

Acts 19:17-20

No Vacations

Jesus said “My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.”

So what prompted that statement?

He had healed a man on the Sabbath day. The Jews wanted to kill him for it.

His response in short “I don’t take days off.”

Isn’t that a comfort? The God we serve is ever watchful over His children leading and guiding them no matter what hour or what day it is.

So trust, even though it might seem as if God has taken a vacation concerning your situation, He hasn’t. He’s working it all out to your good.

John 5:14-17

Fire Test

Sometimes we become discouraged because in our minds we aren’t living up to standards we’ve set for ourselves.

When these tough times come we need a reference point. We need a guide to determine if we really are coming up short or if our imaginations are just running wild.

God has provided us a tool. It’s called the fire test.

Are the works you doing fireproof? In other words, is what you’re doing glorifying God and being built upon the foundation that has already been laid?

Our works come in many different forms, some we may prefer more than others, which could lead to an array of feelings. But don’t be fooled into thinking that your feelings are indicators of your success.

Fire is the measuring stick. If it’ll pass through the fire, then take comfort that you’re doing God’s will and that Jesus is being lifted up.

I Corinthians 3:9-15


Leaving a Legacy is expanding into the world of radio!!! Beginning in June I’ll be sharing an encouraging word through Heartland Ministries Radio. I am super excited about this. I’d appreciate your prayers as it moves forward. I’ll be posting more details later!!

Don’t look back

Genesis 19:23-26

Lot, his wife and their two daughters were saved from the destruction of the city in which they had lived. The Lord sent an angel to lead them out. The angel gave one commandment: don’t look back.

Lot and his daughters listened. His wife didn’t. As a result she was turned to a pillar of salt.

I’m sure that The Lord has delivered you from something terrible in your life. Then He most likely told you not to look back.

But have you? Have you longed for the routine you once new just because it was predictable? Are you too scared to move forward because of the unknown?

God wouldn’t bring you out of it if He didn’t have something better in store. Trust His wisdom. Embrace the new situations you find yourself in. Keep going forward. Don’t look back.

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