Have you ever experienced the sickening feeling when you realize that you’ve messed up big and that you’re not the only one being effected by your decisions?

Jonah probably experienced that feeling when he woke up on a ship being tossed all over the sea in the midst of storm. Immediately he knew that his disobedience was the cause of the storm. He knew that he and the others aboard the ship were experiencing the consequences of his choice to run from the calling of God. Every man on that ship was being adversely effected.

But God was able to turn even this situation to good.

Up to this point the men on the ship all served different gods. They didn’t serve Our Lord. But when they saw the power that He had over nature they bowed to The One True God. God used Jonah’s mistake as an opportunity to draw these men to Him.

I’m not suggesting that you choose to disobey God’s will in your life because it will work out fine. But I am wanting to encourage you if you’re experiencing regret over a decision you have made that all is not lost. God can use it for good.

Repent and start moving forward. God will not hold it against you but He’ll allow good to come from it.

Jonah 1:1-16