II Chronicles 29: 3-36

King Hezekiah called upon the Levites to clean up the house of The Lord, a large endeavor. But the size of the job didn’t deter them. They came willingly and accomplished their goal. They worked together to make sure that God was honored and that He was glorified in spite of the few in number.

Maybe you’re part of the minority in your workplace and you doubt that there is anyway that you’re light is shining bright into the darkness around you. Maybe you look at your church attendance and think that there isn’t enough people to really make a difference in the community you serve. Instead of focusing on the people you don’t see around you focus on the ones that you do. People, no matter how few or how many, that are willing to serve The Lord together can accomplish mighty things in Jesus’ name. Don’t limit God to a number. Work with who He has given you. He’ll bless your efforts.