Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others


February 2018

Grace Given

Jesus teaches us to forgive those that have wronged us just as He has forgiven us. He also goes on to say that if we choose not to forgive others that He won’t forgive us. To put it simply, give grace like you want to receive it.

Matthew 6:14-15

Don’t Give Up

The Israelite people were determined to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. They were completely devoted to their passion. For this reason God’s people became a laughingstock to neighboring countries. But they chose to work through the harsh words because they knew that their actions served a purpose: to glorify God they served.

As we work for The Lord we may face opposition that tempts us to quit. But The Lord has put the fire in you so that you can prevail. Let His presence dominate your decisions.

Nehemiah 4:1-6

Join Forces

Ruth worked from morning until evening. She was determined to be a sufficient provider for herself and her mother in law. Her choice of work was to harvest barley from Boaz’s fields.

Boaz knew Ruth’s work wasn’t meant to entirely benefit herself but that she was trying to be a blessing to her mother in law. He valued her kindness and generosity. Boaz was inspired to reciprocate her actions. He chose to help her.

When you see a person working for the Lord acknowledge it. You could say a prayer on their behalf or offer an encouraging word. You might even be led to join them. Just don’t ignore their effort. We are in this together.

Ruth 2:4-17

Wants vs. Needs

I Kings 19:4-8

In the wilderness Elijah sat alone. He had zero food or water to sustain him. He prayed that he would die. God answered his prayer by sending an angel to encourage him to eat the bread and water that had been miraculously provided. Elijah did.

Not having our prayers answered like we’d hope they would be can be tough. During that time of frustration, disappointment or anger commit yourself to following God’s will for your life anyway. Because even though you might not have gotten what you wanted, He still supplied for you exactly what you would need.

Where will you run?

Naomi was overwhelmed with emotion when her husband and two sons died. So much so that she began to let her feelings dictate her identity. She even changed her name to mirror the way she felt. The problem was her feelings weren’t rooted in truth. She had believed that the Lord was against her, not for her. Later she realized that the Lord hadn’t meant her harm, but good. She reclaimed her old name when she understood that she had judged the situation too harshly.

It is easy to get caught up in the moment, especially during a trying time, and believe your emotions over the truth. But it is important for us to guard ourselves against this response. We should always be running to Jesus, the Truth, instead of from him.

Ruth 1:19-21 & 4:14-17

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