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January 2018

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Our Righteousness

Every person is in need of a sacrifice to cleanse them from sin. Jesus’ blood is the only pure, unblemished and holy sacrifice that is capable of doing that. Our righteousness is solely dependent upon how we respond to Christ.

If we have accepted Christ’s sacrifice we have his righteousness. If we deny him we are stuck with the righteousness that is as filthy rags.

So if we are given the exact same options, why do some perceive that they are more righteous than others?

Don’t be proud, boastful, or haughty. We are adopted into the family of God because of Jesus, not based on our own merit.

No Matter What

Queen Esther knew that her plan to save her people could blow up in her face. She was well aware that there wasn’t any guarantee that she or her people would be saved from the massacre.

Yet she chose to honor the Lord regardless of the outcome. She boldly said “if I perish, I perish”.

Following the Lord’s will for our life when we can see a favorable outcome is easy. Following him while knowing it could end in death is the highest form of devotion, love, courage and bravery. Let us be like Esther and follow God’s will no matter what is at stake.

Esther 4

#winning excerpt

Overcoming Obstacles

People had followed Jesus to a house in Capernaum. They wanted to be witnesses to the miracles He was said to be able to perform. They wanted to hear what He had to say. Some were there purely out of curiosity. Others were there to try to discredit Jesus and His works. Some came to glorify Him. Others came to be healed.

One man that set out to be near Jesus had been bedridden with palsy. He had heard that Jesus, a miracle performer, was near. Four men graciously picked up his bed and carried him to meet Jesus.

But the crowd was huge. The people stood, blocking the entrances, making it impossible for the four men to carry their sick friend through the door. So they went through the roof. They lowered their friend into the house. Jesus saw their faith. He healed the man of his sin and of the palsy.

Do you have that same desire to be near Jesus? One in which you wouldn’t allow your flesh, other people or material possessions get in the way of a close relationship with Christ?

Overcoming all the obstacles was worth it to this man. It will be worth it to you too. Continue to seek Jesus. Don’t be deterred by the obstacles you may face.

Luke 5:18-26

Be Blameless

Potiphar’s wife painted a vivid picture for her husband and his men of what had transpired between herself and Joseph. She said “He tried to take advantage of me!!! I screamed and begged him not to and he finally ran away!!” Potiphar left in an outrage. He sentenced Joseph to jail time.

Joseph, a falsely accused, innocent man, would spend two years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

Sometimes people try to do us wrong in whatever way they can. Sometimes things we say or do are misinterpreted. God knows this will happen. He also knows that it’s out of our control. So He tells us to be blameless and He’ll take care of the rest.

Take comfort that He is a just Judge, that He knows the truth and that He has the final say.

Genesis 39

Think on These Things

Sometimes we hold on to hurt because we replay the pain over and over again in our minds. Sometimes we stress about what might happen in the future. Sometimes we dwell on all the wrong going on in the world.

When you find your thoughts running away on you ask yourselves these questions:

Is it true?

Is it just?

Is it honest?

Is it pure?

Is it lovely?

Is it of good report?

Is it virtuous?

Is it praiseworthy?

If you can’t answer yes to every question then you need to stop thinking on it. Think instead on the things that do hold truth, honesty, justice, purity, loveliness, good report, virtue and praise. Think on Jesus.

Philippians 4:8

Keep Focused

The heckler walked alongside King David and his men. He threw stones at him, cursed him and made false accusations against him.

But David didn’t focus on the heckler. He didn’t even respond to the man. He wouldn’t allow his men to retaliate either.

Instead King David kept his focus on God. He trusted that God was aware of what was going on and was hopeful that He would work good from this man’s actions.

If you’re going through a period of hurt, frustration or bitterness don’t allow your flesh to get the best of you. Keep your focus on Jesus and being part of His plan. He’ll work all things to your good.

II Samuel 16:5-13

Ask for a Desire

What does the Word of God mean to you? Is it the basis of all your decisions? Is it the foundation that you’re standing on it? Is it your hope, comfort and strength? Or is it just another book? One that you read just because you feel obligated?

A maturing Christian depends on the Word for answers, guidance and vision. To them it is a lamp unto their feet, a light unto their path.

If you are lacking a dependence on the Word ask the Lord to give you a desire for it. He will answer your prayer because the Word is a very real method that God uses to communicate with his children.

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