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Using the Word to Encourage Others


January 2018


God gave Joshua the plan to defeat Ai. He was to sneak some of his men behind the city of Ai to prepare for an ambush. Joshua and some others would lure the men of Ai to pursue after them, leaving their city unprotected. When the men were gone from their city the ambushers were to set the city on fire. The people of Ai would turn to save their city and be met by the ambushers or turn again to be met by the people with Joshua. Either way the people of Ai would be trapped by the Israelites. Victory was in the hands of Joshua. All he needed to do was to follow the strategy The Lord had given him.

God could lay out this plan for victory and guarantee a win because He was already there. He knew each move the people of Ai would make. Because of this He was able to come up with the perfect plan to counteract them.

The same is true with your life. God already knows your entire story. He knows each situation you’ll face. And since He has seen what you’ll come up against He knows how to lead you through victoriously. You just need to follow His strategy.

Joshua 8:1-29

Wait and See

Jehovah-Jireh: The Lord will Provide.

Abraham found this to be true when he went to offer his son as a sacrifice. God provided a ram to be given instead.

God will come through for you. Just wait and see.

Genesis 22:1-14

Exceeding Expectations

The widowed mother told Elisha, “All I have is one pot of oil. I have been left with a huge debt and creditors are at my door threatening to take my two sons. My husband just died and I am at a loss as to what I am supposed to do.”

Elisha replied, “Go borrow as many vessels as you can. Empty them out. Get your two sons, go in the house and shut the door. Then take your one pot of oil and start pouring it into the empty vessels.”

Behind closed doors the mother told her son to bring her another pot. “Momma, we don’t have anymore empty vessels left. They’re all full.”

The widowed woman went to Elisha and told him of the miracle that had just taken place at her house. He replied, “Go, sell the oil, pay off your debt and live with your children in rest.”

The profit made on the oil was more than enough to provide for the woman and her sons comfortably. Yet had there been more pots there still would’ve been more oil. You can’t outdo Jesus. The blessings He pours out on us will always exceed our expectations.

II Kings 4:1-7

Stand United

Moses, Aaron and Hur watched Joshua lead the Israelites in battle. As long as Moses’ rod was raised high Israel prevailed.

But Moses became tired and his hands began to drop. Quickly Aaron and Hur stepped in. They provided Moses a seat then they held his arms so that the rod stretched toward God. They helped to shoulder Moses’ burden by taking it upon themselves to help him finish. They were perceptive enough to realize that the outcome of the battle affected them too.

Christians, don’t turn the other way when you see a person in need of encouragement or help. Instead bear their burden with them. Maybe you can help shoulder the responsibility through prayer, through actions or through example. Keep in mind that the outcome affects you too.

We should do our best to help each other so that Christians can be viewed as a people that stand together and so that our God will receive at least a portion of the honor and glory that He is due.

Exodus 17:8-13

A Place For You

Mephibosheth, crippled from a young age, bowed at the feet of King David. He was grateful to the king for calling him out, bringing him to his house, sitting him at his table and restoring unto him the land of his grandfather, King Saul.

What a beautiful picture this is of our relationship with Jesus. Previously we had wandered around crippled by sin until the Lord, our King, sought us out. He called us to be children of His. To come into His fold and to eat from His table. As we humbly and gratefully accepted the invitation we became as royalty; joint heirs with Jesus.

King David sought Mephibosheth to give him a new, better way of life. Jesus did the same for you.

II Samuel 9:1-8

Grow in Grace

Stephen offered grace to the people that surrounded him. The people weren’t fellow Christians. They weren’t offering him kind words. They were his attackers. The very ones that stoned him to death. Still yet he was gracious toward them by showing them compassion and praying for their souls.

As Christians we are told to not only grow in the knowledge of our Lord but also to grow in grace. (II Peter 3:18) For a Christian, the level of grace you offer people is an indicator of your growth in the Lord.

Don’t balk at opportunities to be gracious to others. Instead view the trying relationships as opportunities to grow in our Lord.

Acts 7

Present Day Church

“Children are the church of the future.”

We hear that statement a lot. And it is true. But we need not to overlook another truth: children are part of the present church.

Elisha, through the power of God, destroyed a group of children that mocked him.

This tells us two things:

1)children have an affect on those around them

2)God takes children seriously

Teach children the ways of The Lord. Wrap them up in prayer. Welcome them as workers in the kingdom of God.

II Kings 2:23-24

Past or Present

Jacob and Esau, twin brothers. They came out of the womb fighting one another. They grew up with clashing personalities. They had different interests. Jacob even stole Esau’s birthright from him.

That act was so wrong that Jacob feared that Esau might kill him. So Jacob fled to another country.

After years of separation Jacob and Esau meet again. Jacob offers an apology and Esau extends forgiveness. The men left their past behind them. They made a choice to live in the present. What an amazing ending to such a difficult beginning! How great it is that they could dwell in unity.

Is there a brother or sister in Christ that you are at odds with? Are you in the position to offer an apology or to extend forgiveness? Allow God’s grace and mercy to heal that relationship.

Genesis 33

From Sadness to Gladness

Jacob cried tears of sorrow. He had just determined that his youngest son, Joseph had been mulled to death by an animal. He refused to be comforted. Instead he said, “I will go down into the grave unto my son mourning.”

Years later Jacob’s life was coming to an end. With dim vision he looked upon his son Joseph and his two grandsons. He spoke to Joseph. He said, “I had not thought to see thy face: and, lo, God hath showed me also thy seed.”

During this joyous period Jacob referenced the previous time of sadness. He didn’t dwell on it bitterly, but he chose to acknowledge God’s goodness.

If we during our times of gladness we recognize that God is the one in control, how much more would we enjoy the blessings of The Lord? Remember what The Lord has done for you. Praise Him for His guidance in your life and for the blessings that you thought were impossible.

Genesis 37 & 48

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