Two mothers stood before King Solomon. These mothers shared a lot in common. They lived in the same place. They delivered their babies within days of one another. And they both gave birth to baby boys.

King Solomon listened to their story: One of the babies had been suffocated in the middle of the night. Both mothers were claiming the living child.

King Solomon announced his decision: “Bring me a sword. Divide the baby in two. Give each mother a half of the baby.”

The woman whose son had died agreed with the idea of slaying the living infant. The mother of the living son broke down in tears. She begged King Solomon to not kill the baby but to give it to the other woman.

“Give the baby to her. Don’t slay it. She is the mother.”

The mother of the living child rejoiced. King Solomon had judged correctly.

Previously King Solomon had been given the opportunity to ask for anything he wanted from The Lord. Riches. Honor. Anything. But he asked for an understanding heart to judge the people of God.

When the two women approached King Solomon he had to rely on The Lord to show him the truth. It seems so simple reading the story. But to actually be sitting in King Solomon’s position would’ve been very difficult. He didn’t have any idea who the living child’s mother was. He trusted that The Lord was leading him in making the correct decision.

Perhaps slaying the living child seemed a bit far fetched to King Solomon. Maybe he wondered if that would really work. But if he did doubt The Lord he didn’t allow his opinion to override the divine direction. And because he trusted The Lord’s plan he was able to correctly identify the mother of the living child.

King Solomon had every opportunity to deny the wisdom of The Lord and come up with a plan of his own. But he didn’t. He trusted in Him instead.

Trust Jesus. He knows all of the factors. He knows how people will react. He knows what the outcome will be. Don’t try to come up with a better plan. Trust the One who has it already figured out.

I Kings 3:16-28