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November 2017

Your Defiance

King Ahaziah turned to a false god for an answer to his question. As a result of this decision he was sentenced to death by a prophet of God.

Instead of admitting his wrong and seeking forgiveness from The Lord he became defiant. He sent a captain with fifty men to take the prophet captive. Those fifty-one men were consumed by fire.

Upon hearing this the king decides again to not repent of his evil ways. He instead sends yet another captain with another fifty men to capture the prophet. For a second time fire consumed the king’s men.

Seek God and His wisdom when you have questions in this life. If the answer isn’t what you had hoped for accept it anyway. Rely on Jesus to help you make the best of it. But please, don’t become defiant and bring others down with you.

II Kings 1:1-12

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I love the advice from this reader. She says “Get in the Word!”

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I survived writing #winning—now for my refresher course. Praising the Lord for his Word and presence in my day to day.

Confident in Your Calling

The king told Amos to leave his courts. He told him to stop prophesying in the land because he didn’t want to hear it.

Amos told the King that he wasn’t living to please him, but to please his God. He continued to serve the Lord as a prophet. He was confident in his calling.

People may get offended by your words or actions. Some may try to convince you to quit living the life Christ has for you. But we don’t answer to people, we answer to God. Keep looking to Jesus for affirmation.

Amos 7:10-17

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@mrsselvage10 says “I started this tonight and I can’t wait to continue it! #winning” 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 This makes me so happy!! Thanks for sharing!

It Is That Bad

Joab came to David, warning him to not take a census of the people. But why? What could be so wrong with figuring out how many people are in your kingdom? It’s just a number, just information. It’s not that big of a deal, right?

The problem with the census was that God had commanded against it.

However David refused Joab’s advice. He numbered the people. As a result David was punished. Seventy thousand of his men died of a pestilence.

Sometimes we talk ourselves into doing something impure because “it’s not that bad”. But the word of God tells us that even just a little bit of evil can ruin a good thing. Don’t be fooled into thinking that sin isn’t sin.

I Chronicles 21:1-17

One Month!

Today makes one month since #winning went live. I have been so blessed by the community of people that have offered kind words, prayed for this book and/or bought #winning. By doing so you have supported the vision the Lord gave me. I will forever be grateful. God is faithful and I am so glad to be His. 📸 Sarah Dunkerson

Cleaning the Closet

Joshua was in full worship mode when he asked the captain of the Lord’s host for the message from the Lord. The first part of the message: “loose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the place whereon thou standest is holy”. Joshua did. After that the plan to take Jericho was revealed to him.

Are you prepared to hear from the Lord? Meaning, is there anything between you and the Lord that is keeping you from growing in him? Doubt? Sin? Fear? These are “shoes” that we need to take off so that we can move on in the plan the Lord has for us.

Do It #winning

“Jesus took time away from Heaven to come minister to us.” …#winning Wisdom for God’s Warriors

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