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October 2017

Pillow to Pillar

Jacob methodically stacked the stones. He was creating a pillar to worship The Lord, who had blessed him in a dream the night before.

Before his encounter with God the stones were just used for comfort as pillows. But now? Now they were being used as a tool to worship The Lord.

Jesus can take the things in our life that we think are of no consequence and use them for His glory.

We need to be willing to give everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem and turn it over to His authority.


The initial proofs are here!! We are one step closer to getting this to you! Who is excited? I know I am!!! #winning

Wait On It

The soldiers were closing in on them. The disciples turned to Jesus….”They’re going to take you! Do you want us to kill them?”

Peter didn’t wait for Jesus’ reply. He sliced the ear off of a man.

The disciples realized that they needed the guidance of The Lord. They did good to ask Him what they should do in the situation they were facing.

But Peter wasn’t willing to wait on an answer from Jesus. He decided to ignore The Lord and rely on himself.

Peter made the wrong choice.

Usually we can all be found calling on The Lord. We seek out Jesus because we believe that He knows exactly the right way to respond.

But how often can we be found waiting for The Lord’s response?

Call on Jesus. And then wait for His answer.

Luke 22:49-50

What do you say? 

The thought that maybe The Lord had something good to say to King Belshazzar went out the window as Daniel took in the scene before him. Stolen vessels from the House of God lay scattered around the king and his men. The king himself looked sickly. And then Daniel saw the writing on the wall. Quickly he read it to himself….this message was going to be hard to deliver, it would be devastating to the king.
Daniel had a choice to make. Would he deliver the message in obedience to God’s will or would he allow King Belshazzar’s possible reaction dictate his decision? If he read the message as God had given it the king could be angered and Daniel could possibly face ridicule, torture, imprisonment, even death. But if Daniel chose not to interpret the message as God gave it he knowingly would disappoint The One True God.
Daniel chose to take the chance of offending the king rather than displeasing God.
He interpreted the message: Your kingdom has come to an end. You failed to serve the One True God. Your kingdom will be given to the Medes and Persians.
The results? God was pleased. Daniel was rewarded. The king was slain.
Sometimes we are faced with the task of delivering difficult messages. If we choose to deliver the message we take the risk of offending that person. However, if we don’t deliver the message we can be sure that we have just shown God that our relationships on earth are currently more important than our relationship with Him.
Who are you willing to please? Humans in their comfort zone or God in His kingdom?
Daniel 5:1-31


Rebellious children become Children of God. The Ungodly become Sons of God. Transgressors become The Righteous. Fools become Vessels of Honor.
When Jesus steps in wonderful changes are made. Praise The Lord for the new person you are in Him.


“When we stop relying on the Word and start believing our flesh we have set ourselves up for misery.” 🏳Wisdom for God’s Warriors🏳#winning AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2017

The Consultant 

Ananias and Sapphira, husband and wife, had decided that only a portion of their goods should be given to God. Then they decided to act as if they were giving Him all of it.
They excluded Jesus from their plan.
Jesus, who had only thoughts of peace and blessings toward them. The One who would have loved to have guided them down a straight and narrow path of righteousness. 
They left Him out.
It lead to their death.
Jesus is more than willing to instruct us. We just have to be willing to go to Him for direction.
Acts 5:1-10

Invitations Have Been Sent Out

The man studied the invitation as he walked toward his house…..dinner party at 6. He would love to go but that same evening he had a business venture already planned. He’d have to send his apologies.
She clicked open the email. An invitation to a dinner party! She would love to go but she knew her husband would have none of it. She’d have to decline.
The host of the dinner received their rejections. He had given up so much to provide for these people. Their reasons were nothing but excuses. If they really wanted to be there, they could have come.
You’ve been invited!! To Heaven. Jesus has prepared a place just for you. Please, don’t decline this invitation. Rearrange your priorities. You won’t want to miss it.
Revelation 22:17


The wise warrior determines to follow Jesus. Wisdom is paired with peace, frightens Satan and glorifies God. We are victorious in this life and in eternity when we depend on God’s wisdom to protect us and steady us as we battle and share the Gospel of Christ. We learn wisdom through the prompting of the Spirit and the study of the Word. Surrendering ourselves to resort to God’s teachings versus our own ideas takes initiative and determination. However, in this context, surrendering doesn’t mean that we give up; it means we are #winning.

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