Hezekiah received the news that his time on earth was coming to an end. He cried out to The Lord in prayer. He told The Lord exactly what was in his heart.

He could have turned to Isaiah, the prophet and messenger of the bad news, and asked him to pray. He could have just left it in his hands. But he didn’t.

Hezekiah knew that only he could convey to The Lord how he was feeling. He knew that The Lord alone could understand the tears he was crying. The passion he felt couldn’t be duplicated by another person. He knew he needed to take it before his God himself.

The Lord heard Hezekiah’s prayers. He saw Hezekiah’s tears. The Lord blessed him with another fifteen years of life.

Christians are all the time taking prayers requests of others before The Lord. They can be found praying for another person’s walk with Jesus or for The Lord to bestow blessings on a friend or family member. But how often are you pouring your heart out to God on your behalf?

Jesus loves to hear from you whenever you pray, regardless of the subject matter. But don’t miss out on the reason He died on the cross, the reason the veil was ripped in two. He did that to have a personal relationship with you. He is there for you, wanting to hear your thoughts, fears, praises. He wants you to tell Him all about you and your life.

Don’t neglect yourself in your prayer life. You know your situation, needs, desires, emotions better than anybody else.

Isaiah 38:1-5