Paul laid out the plan of salvation before King Agrippa.
Paul asked “Do you believe?”
King Agrippa replied, “Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.”
King Agrippa was given the opportunity to begin building his life on The Rock, Jesus Christ. He had the opportunity to stand confident in The Lord, unwavering and founded. He could’ve come boldly before the throne of grace without fear of rejection.
Instead he chose to continue without any certainty of eternal life. He trusted in his own ways. He refused a relationship with Jesus. He would have to approach judgment scared and alone.
Instead of crying to The Rock to protect him he would beg for the rocks to fall on him (Revelation 6:16).
The decisions we make now determine our reaction when we stand before The Lord.
The Rock or the rocks? Who will you be calling out to? 
Acts 26:24-30