The Philistines were ready to destroy Samson. He stood bound by cords, without a way to defend himself. As they shouted, taunted and verbally tormented Samson the Spirit of The Lord descended upon him. The cords were loosened. A weapon to defeat the Philistines was provided:
The jawbone of a donkey.
Then Samson needed water. Single handily, he had just destroyed a thousand Philistine men. He was weakened and thirsty. Samson couldn’t find anything to drink from. Then The Lord provided water for him:
In the same jawbone of a donkey. 
The jawbone was the tool that Samson used to defeat the enemy. It was also the instrument that was a available to sustain his life. The jawbone had dual purposes.
The Word. It has dual purpose in our walk with Christ. The Lord has provided it to be used as a weapon to defeat our enemy. He has also given it to us to use as the source of life.
Samson used what The Lord provided him with. You do the same. Use The Word to fight your battles and to nourish you.
Judges 15:14-19