Noah and his family were singled out….of the entire human population. They were standing on the principles of God….literally all alone. 
The people of the world had given themselves over to sinful ways. But Noah continued to seek God. He chose to not be concerned with the popularity of his choice. He knew it wouldn’t be easy to go in the opposite direction of every human being. He was aware that he wouldn’t receive any encouragement from the wicked people. But he still chose God.
Noah recognized the reward of walking with God outweighed the risks of living without Him. Noah found strength and encouragement, peace and future from his Lord. It was enough to sustain him when he was persecuted. It was enough of an encouragement to keep him going when he felt like giving in. Noah’s desire to seek The Lord saved his life when everyone else around him lost theirs. 
Sometimes as Christians we may feel alone in this world. We may feel like we are being singled out. Don’t let your feelings dictate your decision making. Continue to lean on Jesus even when everyone else is seemingly walking in the opposite direction. Rely on Him for everything. He will bless you with life and life more abundantly.