You want to go back to Egypt? Seriously? The place that our people were held captive for hundreds of years? Our people were beaten and killed. They had zero amount of freedom. And that’s where you want to go back to?……this could have been Jeremiah’s reaction to the Israelites when they approached him with their idea of returning to Egypt.
To the Israelites, Egypt seemed like a logical choice. They thought they wouldn’t have to face war in the country. And there was plenty of food. They asked Jeremiah to speak to The Lord about it. Ten days later God gave the people an answer. He told them not to go. He went on to say that if they did go they would die by the sword and famine, the very things they were seeking to avoid.
God had already brought the Israelites out of captivity from Egypt. He didn’t want to see his people bound by the Egyptians again. But ultimately it was their choice. 
The Lord brings us out of bondage from sin when He saves us. He doesn’t ever want to see us go back to it. He has delivered us from our former life and has put us on a new path leading to Him. We shouldn’t return, no matter how enticing it may seem. We need to trust Jesus and His guidance and continue moving forward with Him.