“The Israelites are going to destroy the enemy. You have been chosen to lead them into battle.”
God’s message told Barak that He would be with him and that He would win the battle. Barak took that information and chose not to act on it.
Instead he begged Deborah, the judge who had delivered the message, to go to war with him. He said he wouldn’t go without her. 
Deborah told him that her presence would keep him from claiming the victory and that another person would receive the honor. To Barak, having Deborah by his side was worth the loss.
The country went to battle. They won. But Barak missed out on what had been given to him. 
He missed out on an opportunity to serve God unwavering. His faith in God could’ve been strengthened, instead he relied on man. He could’ve accomplished the task he had been given but another person would have to step in and take over.
Barak’s reliance on others, instead of God, affected his life and the way we remember him. He could’ve been known as a man of great faith. Instead we see him as a person that was weak and unsure.
You are in complete control of the decisions you make to the opportunities that God gives you. Will you rely on others to cover for you or will you rely on God? Your reputation and legacy are on the line. Be bold in following Jesus. 
Judges 4:1-22