A crowd had gathered. In the midst of them was a woman with a blood issue. She knew she needed to just touch Jesus’ clothes and she’d be healed. Jesus noticed when she touched him. He asked who had done it. She came before The Lord and bowed. By doing this she was strengthened and drew closer to Jesus. She became whole, a walking miracle.
Another crowd had gathered outside of a young girl’s house. She was perceived as being dead. Jesus arrived on the scene. He said she would be healed. The crowd laughed. They mocked Him when he spoke words of comfort about the little girl’s situation. Jesus told them to leave. The crowd was unable to witness the healing of the girl.
Our initial reaction to The Lord speaking to us has an affect on our relationship with Christ. The woman drew closer to Jesus. The people put distance between themselves and Christ. Our initial reactions also teach us about ourselves, as followers of Him.  
Draw closer to The Lord now so that when He speaks to you your initial reaction won’t be one of disrespect and unbelief, but rather admiration and peace.
Luke 8