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Using the Word to Encourage Others


August 2017


Numbers 15: 37-40
We probably all have some type of reminder that we deal with daily. For instance, let’s say that you have a meeting you have to attend at eight o’clock the next morning. You will set your reminder, an alarm to wake you. Without it you might keep right on sleeping.
The Lord knew we would benefit from reminders. The Israelites were told to make fringes on their clothing to remind themselves to keep the commandments. It’s not in our flesh to live Christ like. We have to make an effort to do good.
Remind yourself to do the will of The Lord. You could wear a ring on your pinky finger, switch to black shoelaces, anything that will remind you that “hey, I’m living for Jesus.”

Be An Encouragement 

When Paul shared the Gospel with Crispus, the chief ruler, he was converted. Many Corinthians also accepted the salvation of the Lord and were baptized after Paul proclaimed Jesus to them.
Then the Lord tells Paul not to be afraid, to keep speaking, to keep sharing the gospel.

Paul was in need of encouragement even as he was reaping the harvest for the Lord! 
How often do we think that only the weak brethren need encouraged? How often do we only say a kind word or give a smile to people that are going through a tough time?

Jesus teaches us to encourage one another. Weak or strong. Bold or timid. Public platform or not. Jesus didn’t put stipulations on who needs encouragement. Neither should we.
Originally posted August 26, 2015

Moving Forward 

Putting a stop to doing evil things in your life is necessary. Replacing that void with good things is the next step. Look to the Lord for what to do. Ask him for guidance. 
Scripture taken from: Psalm 34:14

Useful Works

The work you are doing in the name of Jesus is in God’s hands. He is having his way with it; blessing it. Remember that we live by his judgment, not the world’s. 
Scripture taken from: Ecclesiastes 9:1


Want to be refreshed in the Lord? Worship Him. 

Revival in the Land: Part 4 of 4

Revival in the Land: Part 4 of 4
King Josiah was intent on seeing only God glorified in his life and his country’s people. He had just stood before them proclaiming that he would only lead in the worshipping of the one true God. He invited them to join him in this new way of life. The people supported his decision. Josiah then followed through on his words by destroying all of the false gods in the land and setting in order the Passover of the Lord. Josiah’s personal revival was impacting his country.
The stand you take for the Lord not only fuels your own revival but it allows those around you to see that you are committed to honoring God’s will in your life. This living testimony has the potential to cause others to seek God’s goodness and will in their own lives. 
Revival for your soul is personal but the results of it can change the land.
Scripture taken from: II Kings 23:4-23

Revival in the Land: Part 3 of 4

Revival in the Land: Part 3 of 4
Josiah was experiencing God’s presence in a way that he never had before. What started out as a simple repair to a building has grown into a change of Josiah’s heart. He now wanted to seek God in all that he did. 
He went public with the change that had overcome him. He gathered all the people of the land to share his good news. He had the Word read. He encouraged the people to only seek the one true God with him. 
Revival is a personal decision, but it doesn’t have to affect only you. You can share what God is doing in your life and invite others to join you as you draw closer to Jesus. 
Scripture taken from: II Kings 23:1-3

Revival in the Land: Part 2 of 4

Revival in the Land: Part 2 of 4 
Josiah’s effort to repair the Lord’s temple resulted in finding the book of the law. After hearing the Word read Josiah realized how horrible of a position he and his country were in. The Lord had already laid out the consequences they would face for forsaking God and for their idol worship in the land.
Josiah didn’t turn a deaf ear to the Lord’s warnings. Instead he humbled himself and sought forgiveness. God responded by protecting Josiah from the evil that he had coming. 
Revival is full of choices. When the time comes to make changes will you harden your heart or allow it to be softened? Will you seek forgiveness or walk in your pride? Revival isn’t forced upon you. It is something that you decide to be a part of. 
Scripture taken from: II Kings 22:8-20

Revival in the Land: Part 1 of 4 

Revival in the Land: Part 1 of 4
King Josiah had inherited a land full of idol worship and a temple that was in need of repair. His country was on the path of destruction and he was going down with it. 
Years later Josiah finally took notice of the Lord’s temple in the downward spiral. Because of this he decided to take the money allocated for temple renovations and put it to work. His mission was simple: to bring restoration to something that was broken. This would prove to be the very beginning of a revival within the land. 
To say that we want revival within ourselves and our churches is acknowledging the fact that there is room for improvement. When we seek Jesus, looking to be revived we need to be willing to accept whatever reality that he shows us. It may be that we are in need of some “remodeling”. Our willingness to allow the Lord to work in our lives is the beginning of revival for ourselves. 
Scripture taken from: II Kings 22:3-7

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