Acts 12:1-17
Peter has been jailed for serving The Lord. A group of Christians gathered together at a friend’s house to pray for him. Miraculously Peter escaped with the help of an angel. He went to the house to share the news. He began knocking on the door. Rhoda came to answer it. When she realized it was Peter she left, without opening the door, to tell the others that Peter was there. They questioned her because they didn’t see him. Then it dawned on Rhoda that she had left him outside. They went back to the door and found Peter still knocking. Finally they invited him in.
If you’re a follower of Christ than you can remember a moment in time when The Lord knocked on your heart’s door. Remember the excitement, peace, love, joy and humbleness you felt when you allowed Him in? It’s good for us to go back and remember this. Maybe you’ve forgotten how it felt. Reread the story of His crucifixion and know that He did it all for you. Thank Him for it. It’ll bless you.
Maybe you can’t recall a time when you answered Jesus’ knocking on your heart. If that’s the case, please, open the door for Him. He would love nothing more than to have you call him Savior.