Onesimus, a servant of Philemon’s has stolen from his master and fled. Along the way Onesimus meets Paul and gives his life to Jesus, the same as Philemon had done before. Paul is now returning Onesimus to Philemon and asking that Philemon receive him as a brother and not a criminal. Paul believes Philemon will be merciful to Onesimus. Paul could make this prediction because of the life that Philemon was living. Philemon was peculiar. He was known as a man that had a love for Jesus and lived his life according to His teachings.
Followers of Jesus are to be a peculiar people. We know that we are peculiar because to us Jesus is precious and we have a desire to apply The Word to our life. Others can see our peculiarity when we walk with purpose in the light being merciful to others because we have obtained mercy.
Would an onlooker be able to predict your peculiarity if you were faced with a situation similar to Philemon’s?