Revival in the Land: Part 4 of 4
King Josiah was intent on seeing only God glorified in his life and his country’s people. He had just stood before them proclaiming that he would only lead in the worshipping of the one true God. He invited them to join him in this new way of life. The people supported his decision. Josiah then followed through on his words by destroying all of the false gods in the land and setting in order the Passover of the Lord. Josiah’s personal revival was impacting his country.
The stand you take for the Lord not only fuels your own revival but it allows those around you to see that you are committed to honoring God’s will in your life. This living testimony has the potential to cause others to seek God’s goodness and will in their own lives. 
Revival for your soul is personal but the results of it can change the land.
Scripture taken from: II Kings 23:4-23