King Ahab and the prophet Elijah met face to face for the first time. Their meeting wasn’t one of pleasantries. King Ahab questioned Elijah’s intentions toward his country, Israel. He implied that Elijah was responsible for his people’s current state of hardship. Elijah, representing God, wouldn’t accept the blame. Instead he stood on God’s word, even though tensions were high. (I Kings 18: 17-17)
Jesus teaches that we will have to make a decision to stand for him or against him. That decision dictates whether Jesus will confess or deny us before his Father. The tense times are to be expected. Jesus said he didn’t come to give peace to the earth, but division. (Matthew 10:32-34 & Luke 12:51)
So when you question yourself “is it worth it to stand for God even though it will create tension?” Answer yourself, “Jesus standing before the Father on behalf of me is worth anything.”