Churchgoing hypocrites intentionally exploit God for their own benefit. In Jesus’ day the Pharisees mistreated widows, in the name of God, for their own gain. They converted people to their religion, which they claimed was based on God’s law. In doing so they convinced people to follow after their methods, not God’s. Hypocrites.
Peter was a devoted follower of Christ. Yet in a moment of weakness he denied the Lord. He made a mistake. He was overwhelmed with shame, weeping when he realized what he had done. He had went against what he had known to be true: he was a follower of Christ. 
The Pharisees continuously rejected God. Peter said that Jesus was Christ and he would serve no one else. The Pharisees wanted to rid themselves of Jesus. Peter ran to him, even after his denial. Jesus said to the Pharisees “woe unto you, hypocrites” but to Peter he said “feed my sheep”. 
They both had denied Jesus. What was the difference? The difference was that Peter acknowledge his wrongdoing and turned from that sin. The Pharisees were content to live in their deception. 
Most likely you’ve sinned after making a public commitment to Christ. My guess is that you’re being beat down with “You’re a hypocrite if you try serving the Lord again.” Let me say: No!! That’s deception from Satan. Call sin sin, repent and move on: live the gospel! Only you and God know your intentions. Don’t allow a lie to dictate if you choose to walk in the forgiveness God has offered you.