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June 2017

Hear What He Has For You

Ezekiel was in captivity when the Lord showed him visions.
God can meet with you whether you think you are in a place of hope or or in one of despair. The question is: are you willing to listen? 
Scripture taken from: Ezekiel 1:1

The Unknown

Our carnal minds tend to believe that the unknown is to be feared and figured out. Scripture teaches that we will never have it all figured out while here on earth. 
I Corinthians 13:12 says “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”
The unknown is a part of reality that God is present in. It isn’t a place for us to put faith in ourselves; instead it is an opportunity for us to trust God. 

It’ll Come To Pass

Remember how God promised Abraham that he would have a son? He told him “I will bless and multiply thee”. Abraham patiently endured and eventually the promise came to pass. Sarah, Abraham’s wife had a son, Isaac. 
God’s promises come to pass. Whatever he has said to you will happen. It might not be now, but it’s coming. Be patient. 
Scripture taken from: Hebrew 6:13-15

Proclaim to the Future 

Micah, Daniel, Isaiah and Zechariah all prophesied about the life of Jesus. It wasn’t easy. They never witnessed their prophecies come to pass. We benefit from their endurance. Their words being validated in the life of Christ strengthens our confidence in God’s faithfulness. 
You may be going through something now that is hard to endure. Someone years down the road may benefit from it. Proclaim Christ to future generations by living according to his Word now. 
Scripture taken from: I Peter 1:12


No one is ever too young to be taught the scripture “let God be true but every man a liar.”
Also no one is ever too old to hold onto that truth.
I was sitting in a freshman biology class hanging on to that verse a decade ago. And then again this past weekend when my husband and I were teaching the same scripture to our young children. 
It’s sad that evolution is presented as truth in a learning environment. It’s even more disheartening that it’s slipped in as fact into a children’s movie.
How grateful I am though that we have the comfort, the promise, that God’s ways are concrete, are absolute and that anything that tries to dispel it can be brought under subjection with one piece of scripture.
The Word is truth above all else. It trumps your closest confidant’s personal opinion. It surpasses the most well known scientists’ discoveries. It reigns over anything contrary to it’s teachings.
Our children need to learn the wisdom of God from an early age and we need to believe it until death.
Hold onto the promises of God.
Originally posted June 30, 2014

Means vs Master

God had Moses to make a brazen serpent to provide a healing to those that looked upon it. Instead of solely glorifying God, the Israelites began to burn incense to the brass serpent as part of their worship. Hezekiah realized their error: they were worshipping the means instead of the Master. Hezekiah broke the serpent into pieces. 
Circumstances, opportunities, health, careers, positions, etc. aren’t where our security should derive from. They aren’t deserving of our worshipful devotion. Instead our hope and trust should rest in Jesus alone. He is looking out for us, working all things to our good. 
Scripture taken from: Numbers 21:4-9, II Kings 18:4, Romans 8:28

A Good Soldier

If you’re struggling step back to evaluate why. Are you tangled up in the cares of your flesh or are you fighting for the One who has called you His? 
Knowing your motive will help you pick your battles. 
Scripture taken from: II Timothy 2:4

Greatest Joy

John wrote “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

 (3 John 1:4) 


This was his greatest joy because living a life that led others to the Lord was his greatest investment. 
If you’re wanting to make sure your priorities are in line look at what brings you greatest joy. Because it’s what we put our efforts into that we care the most about. 
Scripture taken from: Matthew 6:21

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