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May 2017

God Is For You

Our perception of God doesn’t change the reality of who he is: just, merciful, loving, kind and patient. Take comfort in knowing that even on your worst days when trust in the Lord is hard to live by and you are tempted to waiver that God is for you and your opinion of him will never change that fact.  
Scripture taken from: II Timothy 2:13

What To Do?

When making a decision we sometimes get nervous that we are going to mess up and not go the way the Lord is calling us. The way to avoid making a mistake is to respect God. This means that there isn’t any part in his plan for you that would contradict his Word. As long as you are wanting his will to be done in your life and living so that your choices support that desire -you can’t mess it up. In His time he will make it obvious which way you should go. 
Psalm 25:12 What man is he that feareth the Lord? him shall he teach in the way that he shall choose.”


Sometimes we choose to deny doing the will of God because we don’t want to be embarrassed. Once the conviction sets in we don’t feel the greatest. 
Remember that conviction is done in love and that is always better to suffer (feel embarrassment) for well doing (sharing God’s love) than to suffer (conviction) for evil doing (denying God’s will).
Scripture taken from: I Peter 3:17

Get Going 

Samuel anointed Saul as king. He had been with him every step of the way. Offering him counsel. Imparting wisdom upon him. Making known the way of The Lord. 
Saul and Samuel shared an unique bond.
Then Saul turned his back on The Lord. He went against the instructions from God to rely completely on himself. 
Samuel was distraught. The man that he had invested most of his life to was destroying the good that God had given him.
Samuel mourned for what Saul had done with his life.He was sorrowful for the choices that Saul had made.He was consumed with disappointment.
Then The Lord came to Samuel. 
He told him that he still had work for him to do. Samuel was to quit dwelling on Saul. Now was the time to move forward.
Sometimes things don’t work out the way that we had hoped they would. People fail us. We fail God. But God doesn’t want us to stay in a place of defeat. He doesn’t want us to dwell on our difficult pasts. He wants us to get up and get moving forward.
Your past doesn’t have to hinder your future with Jesus.
Originally posted: May 22, 2013

What Are You Standing For?

The king stood at the house of the Lord and read the book of the covenant. He proclaimed before the Lord and the congregation of Jerusalem that he would walk after the Lord and his testimonies and keep his statues. 
The people stood to that too. 
What are you standing for? Maybe you are wrestling with a decision. Look at the root of it. What would you be supporting if you said yes or if you said no.
God will bless when you stand for him. 
Scripture taken from: II Kings 23:1-3

The Well

Jesus spoke of what he had to offer as a well being full of “water springing up into everlasting life”.
Peter warned against preachers that were “wells without water”. Their end was destruction.
May we always be conscience of what we are offering people that are searching. Whether it be advice given or doctrine preached it always needs to be rooted in the Word. 
Scripture taken from: John 4:14 & II Peter 2:17

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