In the midst of revival great things are being done in the name of the Jesus. He is being worshipped. We become more likely to begin diligently working for the Lord. We are growing in Christ. 
The downfall of this is that Satan takes notice. He throws distractions our way. He attempts to get us off track. He tries to stop the growth taking place. 
The same thing happened to the Israelites as they built the wall around the city of Jerusalem. These people had a mindset to complete the wall. They were making progress. Satan took notice. 
He ridiculed the Israelites, trying to get them to quit. He wanted to see this time of building come to a stop.
Instead of giving up the people prayed and reminded themselves that they needed to be aware of the enemy’s ploy. 
Christian—if you’re facing struggles PRAY!! Recognize ploys for what they are. Know that the one who came to kill and destroy is behind anything that will get your focus off of growing in the Lord. 
Learn from the Israelites. Pray for courage. Work in God’s strength. See your revival to the end. 
Scripture taken from: Nehemiah 4:7-9