Seventy men had been chosen to gather at the tabernacle to receive the Spirit from God so that they would be able to work for the Lord. Two of the seventy men didn’t make it to the tabernacle in time, the reason is unknown. But this didn’t exclude them from being part of the group. They received the Spirit where they were and then they too began prophesying for the Lord. 
Guilt can overcome us if we know that we’ve made bad decisions and we aren’t where we know we should be in our walk with the Lord. Sadness can burden us down if we feel like we’ve missed an opportunity to draw closer to Christ. But here is the thing, immediately when you are ready to move forward God is able to use you right where you are. You don’t have to work your way back into God’s graces because you are already there. 
God is able to redeem wasted time and wasted chances. You are in a new moment. Let him meet you where you are today. 
Scripture taken from: Numbers 11:24-26