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February 2017

While You Work

Part of the Mosaic Law says “Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out the corn.” Deuteronomy 25:4 …meaning to let the animal eat while he worked. 
For us I think this can be translated to: you can be blessed even in the midst of your work, that the reward isn’t just at the end. 
Being in Jesus’ presence for eternity doesn’t lessen the fact that his Spirit is within us now. We have our blessing in waiting. It is up to us if we choose to acknowledge what is already here. 


John the Baptist sent word to Christ asking if he was the one they were looking for. 
Jesus didn’t respond with “yes”. Instead he began to list his works: blind have received sight, the lame walk, lepers have been cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead have been raised and the gospel has been preached. 
His answer was basically “look at what I have done and you’ll know who I am”.
People may wonder who you are living for; if you are a Christian. Make it easy for them to figure it out. Live a life full of works that reflect Jesus’ love and his gospel.
Originally posted February 8, 2016

Respect and Failure

The man that received five talents and also the man that received the two, doubled the investment from their master. The third man, that received one, didn’t earn any type of a return. 
The two that had profited brought their work to the boss, confident in what they had accomplished. The third, unsuccessful man, brought an excuse. He blamed the boss for being too demanding and then told him that he buried it. The irrational fear of failure and lack of respect for his master determined this man’s disappointing outcome. 
You serve a God that deserves your upmost respect. When you respect him there is nothing to fear. Go after whatever he has given you to do. He isn’t setting you up to fail. He is setting you up to prosper and glorify him. 
Scripture taken from: Matthew 25:14-30

Willing to use the Ordinary

Elisha used salt to heal the waters of Jericho, which in turn healed the city’s barren land. 
Salt is ordinary. It is common. It is readily available. But once God ordained it as his tool to heal the land and Elisha followed God’s plan of using it, it took on an entirely new value and worth. The ordinary, common, abundant commodity became the very tool that God used to glorify himself and affect an entire group of people. 
When you are willing to use what God has given you to work for him, your gift, no matter how common or ordinary it may seem, can be used by God to work miracles in your life and those around you. 
Scripture taken from: II Kings 2:19-22

Blessings Through Others

Moses knew that God was faithful to provide for his people. The people on the other hand were doubting God’s faithfulness. Specifically, they thought that God had brought them out of slavery to only let them die of dehydration in the wilderness.
Regardless of Mose’s faith and the people’s lack thereof the fact remained that a miracle needed to take place. 
Moses was told to hit his rod upon a rock so that water would come from it. This water would be enough for Moses, the people and their cattle to drink again.
Notice that God didn’t give each person a rod and a rock to provide for them. They were expected to be strengthened from the miracle that would be sufficient for all but only worked through Moses. 
Maybe you’re looking for God to supply a need without the involvement of anyone else. God doesn’t always work like that. Open your eyes to those around you. Be willing to be affected by God in the way he chooses to bless you. He may be working a miracle in your life through someone else’s obedience. 
Scripture taken from: Exodus 17:1-7

Your Focus

Nothing was going right for these people. The fruit trees weren’t producing fruit. The vines weren’t either. The herd sizes were shrinking. To say that they were having to endure a hard season of life is putting it lightly.

Instead of focusing on the things going wrong they chose to rejoice because of what had gone right. They rejoiced because of the salvation of God. They could rejoice because they understood that what they could see was only temporary but who they had chosen to serve was eternal. They knew that God was their strength and that he would provide.

Life may not be going the way you had expected. But God is in control. You will prevail. Strengthen yourself according to his word and by his grace.

Scripture taken from Habakkuk 3:17-19

A Blessed Vision

Have you ever just paused and looked around at all The Lord has done in your life? Have you ever just taken a moment to ask The Lord to give you spiritual vision so that you can see how He has worked?
What a blessing it is to just look, through spiritual eyes, at God’s presence in your life.
Balaam, a prophet of our Lord received that type of spiritual vision as he overlooked the tents of Israel. He was reminded of all that God had done for them. He drew strength from that. And then he was encouraged by all that God would continue to do for them.
Just step back and ask The Lord to open your eyes to the blessings all around you. And then praise Jesus for it.
Scripture taken from: Numbers 24:1-9
Originally posted February 26, 2014

Your Testimony 

The lady went to the city to give her testimony. She said “Come, see a man, which told me al things that ever I did: is not this the Christ?” 
Her testimony consisted of two parts: 1) who Jesus is 2) what he had done for her. 
Testimonies are personal. If you were to share yours what would you say? Write it down. Record it. It’ll be an encouragement to you and could be exactly what someone else needs to see/read/hear. 
Scripture taken from: John 4:29

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