Moses knew that God was faithful to provide for his people. The people on the other hand were doubting God’s faithfulness. Specifically, they thought that God had brought them out of slavery to only let them die of dehydration in the wilderness.
Regardless of Mose’s faith and the people’s lack thereof the fact remained that a miracle needed to take place. 
Moses was told to hit his rod upon a rock so that water would come from it. This water would be enough for Moses, the people and their cattle to drink again.
Notice that God didn’t give each person a rod and a rock to provide for them. They were expected to be strengthened from the miracle that would be sufficient for all but only worked through Moses. 
Maybe you’re looking for God to supply a need without the involvement of anyone else. God doesn’t always work like that. Open your eyes to those around you. Be willing to be affected by God in the way he chooses to bless you. He may be working a miracle in your life through someone else’s obedience. 
Scripture taken from: Exodus 17:1-7