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Using the Word to Encourage Others


February 2017

An Indication

“Archippus, Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfill it.”
Paul sent that message to Archippus as part of a letter written to the Colossians and also to be read to the Laodiceans.
Archippus could have responded with gratitude that Paul would care enough to encourage him. He also could have been offended that Paul would stick his nose in his business. Archippus’ reaction was largely dependent on his attitude toward the ministry he had been given. 
If you are easily offended when someone encourages you, try to get to the root of the problem. Have you lost the desire to serve? Are you harboring sin? Take the bad reaction as an indicator that you need to spend time with the Lord in prayer before you move forward. 
Scripture taken from: Colossians 4:17

Sin Spreads 

God’s people had allowed idol worship to infiltrate into their way of life. Soon they had a place to worship their idols on every high hill and under every green tree. 
Sin is like that. It takes over every part of your life, including the places that had been flourishing in the Lord. 
Choose to completely abstain from sin before it creeps into areas you hadn’t intended to give. 
Scripture taken from: I Kings 14:21-24


The man stood gazing out into the field full of treasure. It could be his he was told. 
The man tried to wrap his mind around the proposal: someone had prepared a field full of treasure-just for him. His meager assets, in comparison, would be the only thing he would have to sacrifice to get it. The full price had already been paid. 
It was a no-brainer. Of course he would take the offer!
You are that man. Jesus has prepared the field for you. The treasure is eternal life in heaven. The price has been paid by Christ himself shedding his blood as a remission for our sin. All that’s asked of us is to give ourselves as a living sacrifice in return. 
If you’re still considering the offer, don’t waste another minute. 
If you’ve taken the proposal, wouldn’t you agree that it’s the best decision you’ve ever made? 
Originally posted February 1, 2016

Breaking Tradition

Tradition said that Elizabeth’s baby should be named after his father, Zacharias. But the angel told Zacharias that the baby was to be called John. 
The day had come for the baby to be named. Would the parents go with tradition or would they go with God’s command?
They chose the way of God over the way of man. Relatives were astonished that they would break tradition. Nevertheless the baby was called John and God was pleased. 
Traditions are fine unless they contradict what the Lord would have you to do. When faced with the decision always aim to please God instead of man. 
Scripture taken from: Luke 1:5-13 & 57-63

Watch Me

A person usually says “don’t judge me” when they know that what they are doing is wrong. So a person must be confident of the choices they are making to invite judgment on their life. 
Lydia, a newly converted Christian had recently won her family to Christ. She knew that Paul and Silas needed a place to stay. She said to the men “if ye have judged me to be faithful to the Lord, come into my house, and abide there.”
Are you centered in the Lord’s will so much so that you would welcome people to look at you, weigh the facts and decide who they think you are serving? 
Instead of the mindset of “that’s none of your business” maybe it should be “watch what Christ is doing in me”. 
Scripture taken from: Acts 16:14-15

All In?

Jesus and those around him watched as people gave their offerings to the house of the Lord. The rich men gave liberally, but it was only from their abundance. The poor woman lacked any surplus, but yet she cast in all that she had. 
As the Lord looks upon you today what would he say about you? Would he say “There is one who only serves me out of convenience.” Or would he say “This child gives all they have for me.”
Christ loves you regardless of your effort, but what we choose to offer him reflects the priority we show for our Savior. 
Scripture taken from: Luke 21:1-4

Reflection of the Heart

Moses went to receive the Ten Commandments. When he returned he found the Israelites worshiping a golden calf. 

Was it the calf’s fault?
Further down the road poisonous snakes began to bite the Israelites. God had Moses to make a brass snake to look at when they needed a healing. Did the snake heal them? 
The molten animals weren’t responsible for the Israelites’ sin or the grace they found. Instead they were what the Lord used to reveal their hearts. The worshiping of the calf showed that they were unfaithful to God. The willingness to look at the brass serpent showed that they were ready to do whatever God commanded. 
We can see the reflections of our heart based on actions we take in our daily walks. He is willing to use things or those around us to help us to grow. 
Scripture taken from: Numbers 21: 8-9

Record of Promises

“Isaiah, you mark my words. Before that baby is able to say ‘momma’ or ‘daddy’ Samaria and Damascus will be poor.” 

So Isaiah recorded the prophecy, just as God had told him to do.
What was the purpose of that? Was it so that God would have something to jog His memory?
Of course not.
It was for the benefit of Isaiah, the Israelite people and anyone else that wanted to know. The record was concrete evidence for them to look back on and learn that God always makes good on His promises. It was recorded so it could be an aid to their faith.
Promises of God fill the Word. Search them out. Know they are true. Record what the Lord has promised you and then note when it comes to pass. Look back to it when you’re in need of encouragement. Because God is always faithful.
Originally posted February 25, 2015

Land of Affliction

Joseph, reigning as Pharoah’s secondhand man, looked back over his life and called Egypt, the place in which he resided, “my land of affliction”. 
Recognizing his situation didn’t result in Joseph becoming bitter, hard and unfruitful. He chose instead to continue to follow God and to be used by him. 
In his land of affliction he had been given work to do for the Lord, honor from some of those around him and a future in which to leave a legacy. 
Hard times come our way. We can all but give up or we can push through. Allow God to govern over your life even in your land of affliction. 
Scripture taken from: Genesis 41:52

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