The people had quit listening to the Lord. They didn’t pay any attention to his correction. They quit living by his words and made no attempt to have a relationship with him.
Their life of sin was enough to convince them that they were better off living in a lie than seeking out the truth. 
Sometimes it is easier and more convenient for us to play this same game: pretending that we don’t hear the correction of the Lord and acting as though we are clueless as to what he’d have us to do. This causes nothing but a mess for all involved. 
But maybe you really don’t know how the Lord is leading you. To this the Lord says: trust me and draw near to me.
What does trusting the Lord mean?? It means living your life according to his Word. It means continuing to follow what he has written down for us to learn from. It means to keep looking for answers while your living out his truths. “Drawing nearer” means putting forth effort to live according to the Word. It comes through bible study, prayer and worship. 
If you’ve been ignoring God, today is the day to stop. Acknowledge him. Get into your Word. Let him work in you. 
Scripture taken from:

Zephaniah 3:1-2