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Using the Word to Encourage Others


January 2017


The woman came to the well wanting to fill her pot with water. There she met Jesus. When she left the well her focus was on sharing what she had just discovered, the Messiah. The waterpot, her previous intention, was left behind. 
Just as the Samaritan woman’s priorities changed after she met Christ ours should too. Our entire focus should shift to line up with what Jesus would have us to do. 
Maybe you’re having a hard time lining up with what Christ has for you. Pray about what may be holding you back, or what your “waterpot” may be. Then deal with it as the Lord teaches. 
Scripture taken from: John 4:28-29

Remember Who Has Authority

The rich man ran to Jesus seeking answers. He had lived life purposefully and with intention. He still lacked rest. 
Jesus told him, “sell what you have and follow me”. 
The young man walked away saddened, still missing the rest he sought after…not because Jesus hid it from him, but because he wasn’t willing to do what was necessary to obtain it. 
Going to Jesus for answers is great but not living by them won’t help you any. To have rest we need to remember that we aren’t the ones that should have authority over our lives. The authority should be reserved for Jesus…meaning rest comes when we choose his will over our own. 
Scripture taken from: Mark 10:17-22


No matter what you are facing today the Lord says “come unto me, all ye that labour and our heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”
What does “rest” look like? It isn’t us getting a pass to become inactive. Instead it is us:
Remembering who has authority. 

Engaging in the Word. 

Submitting to the Spirit. 

Trusting the Lord. 
Scripture taken from: Matthew 11:28

Your Purpose

Sometimes it can be so difficult to deny our flesh to do The Lord’s will. But that isn’t an excuse not to do it.
Jesus’ soul was troubled when he thought of the pain and suffering he would endure as he was beaten, and crucified. In His flesh he wanted no part of it. But in his spirit he knew that it was what his Father wanted from him. 
Jesus knew that there was purpose in being the perfect sacrifice. And that purpose was why He came to earth.
There is purpose in the work that The Lord gives us. It isn’t just a time filler. It’s not just for our own benefit. His will being accomplished in our lives brings glory to God and draws others to Him.
So before you brush off the dealing of the Holy Spirit remember that glorifying God is why you are here. It’s your purpose too. 
Allow the Father’s will to be the final say in your life.
Scripture taken from: John 12:26-28
Originally posted: January 9, 2014

Intercessory Prayer 

The servant wasn’t capable of going to Jesus himself. So the centurion, his master, went to Jesus on his behalf. 
Jesus, honoring the intercessory prayer, healed the sick man. 
Our intercessory prayers are valuable. They yield results. When the Spirit brings someone to your mind: pray for them. When you have a burden for someone’s situation: pray for them. When you feel a responsibility towards someone: pray for them. Your effectual, fervent prayers won’t be dismissed. They will availeth much. 
Scripture taken from: Matthew 8:5-13

Opinions vs. Fact

Some said that Jesus was Elijah. Some said he was a prophet. King Herod was convinced that he was John the Baptist, risen from the dead. 


But regardless of their opinions the fact remained that Jesus was Jesus. 
Some will never acknowledge Christ for who he is until Judgment Day but that doesn’t make him any less Christ. 
Jesus is the constant. His Word is truth. Our opinions don’t affect the truth that was given at the beginning. 
He says he loves you. He died for you. He is willing to forgive you. Your opinion of how he should handle a situation doesn’t override the righteous way in which he judges. 
His mercy is new every morning. Allow yourself the grace that he offers and be willing to extend it to others. 
Scripture taken from: Mark 6:14-16

Go To The Father 

My children found a deer bedded down outside of our window this morning. When it stood up they realized that it’s foot was hurt.
Immediately I heard, “Mom!! Call Daddy!!! The deer is hurt. He’ll know what to do. Mom, please call Daddy!!!! The deer is hurt!!”
In Psalms the deer is symbolic of the founded Christian. It teaches us to thirst after The Living Water and to be founded in The Lord. 
How do you handle the situation when you see “a deer” (another Christian) in need? Do you immediately seek out the wisdom of your “daddy” (Heavenly Father)? Do you realize the urgency of the situation?
Keep seeking Jesus and keep an eye out for your brothers and sisters in Christ.
Originally posted January 21, 2015

Caring for your “Children”

Isaiah made mention of how the righteous treated their children versus how the wicked treated theirs. The righteous invested in their children by teaching them the ways of the Lord. They were actively building on what the Lord had blessed them with. But the wicked failed to consider the well-being of their children. They didn’t give their future any thought at all, instead they slayed them. 
How are you doing with what the Lord has blessed you with? Not children necessarily, but maybe the ministry he has given you? Maybe your own growth in the Lord? Are you nurturing it or have you hindered it by putting zero effort into seeing it grow?
Scripture taken from:

Isaiah 54:13 & 57:5

Ignoring God

The people had quit listening to the Lord. They didn’t pay any attention to his correction. They quit living by his words and made no attempt to have a relationship with him.
Their life of sin was enough to convince them that they were better off living in a lie than seeking out the truth. 
Sometimes it is easier and more convenient for us to play this same game: pretending that we don’t hear the correction of the Lord and acting as though we are clueless as to what he’d have us to do. This causes nothing but a mess for all involved. 
But maybe you really don’t know how the Lord is leading you. To this the Lord says: trust me and draw near to me.
What does trusting the Lord mean?? It means living your life according to his Word. It means continuing to follow what he has written down for us to learn from. It means to keep looking for answers while your living out his truths. “Drawing nearer” means putting forth effort to live according to the Word. It comes through bible study, prayer and worship. 
If you’ve been ignoring God, today is the day to stop. Acknowledge him. Get into your Word. Let him work in you. 
Scripture taken from:

Zephaniah 3:1-2

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