When David brought the ark of God into the tent he didn’t set it out front as a showpiece. He didn’t have it hid in the back. Instead, he sat it right in the midst of the tent. Directly in the middle of everything.
Let’s liken this to our relationship with God. Are you using him just as a front, to make yourself look good? Are you ashamed of him, denying his will for your life? Or is he in the middle of every decision you make, involved in every aspect of your life? 
Jesus didn’t come for you to just look good. He didn’t come for you to cause you embarrassment. He came to cleanse you of sin and to give you life eternal. He came to be your center, to be your reference. He came to be your comforter and your guide. Give him the place in your life that he deserves. 
Scripture taken from:

I Chronicles 16:1