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Using the Word to Encourage Others


October 2016

Statement of Faith

King Nebuchadnezzar wanted to show the world the goodness that God had bestowed upon him. So he acknowledged God’s dominion and kingdom as everlasting. He praised him for his greatness and mightiness. 
He made a statement. 
There are power in our words. They are like a starting point for how people decide to view us. Make your statement of faith so God can get the credit for the goodness in your life. 
Scripture taken from:

Daniel 4:1-3

Reward the Good

Ruth worked from morning until evening. She was determined to be a sufficient provider for herself and her mother in law. Her choice work: gleaning barley in Boaz’s fields.
Boaz took notice of Ruth. He valued the kindness and generosity of Ruth. He knew that the work she was doing, the way she was giving of herself, wasn’t to entirely benefit herself but that she was trying to be a blessing to her mother in law.
Her actions inspired Boaz to treat her with the same kindness and generosity. Instructions were given to allow extra barley fall for Ruth to pick up and for her to eat and drink at his house.
In what way do you react when you see someone give of their self?
Do you turn the other way or do you encourage them?
Boaz noticed the good work Ruth was doing and encouraged her by helping her to obtain her goal more easily.
As Christians we can and should help each other. Take notice of the good works going on around you. Generously give of yourself by saying an encouraging word to them for their efforts or spend time with The Lord on their behalf.
Reward their good works instead of turning the other way.
Scripture based on Ruth 2:4-17
Originally posted on October 23, 2019

Moving Forward

The Israelites realized that they weren’t following the Lord as they should be. Immediately they were remorseful. 
Nehemiah didn’t want the people to stay in a place of sadness, regret and grief. He told them to rise up, to bask in the joy of the Lord. 
Satan would love to see God’s children go through life oppressed and defeated for past sin. But God calls his own to walk in newness of life, to move forward in grace. 
Repent and move on. There is strength in the joy of the Lord. 
Scripture taken from:

Nehemiah 8:9-12


When we follow the commandments that God has given, we are replacing the opportunity to be disobedient. When we are consumed with exalting others, we are unconcerned with self-boasting. This not only benefits your walk with Jesus, but it also benefits those around you. 


The people of the earth had one language. They came together and decided to build a city and a tower to make a name for theirselves, for their defense. 
God wouldn’t bless their ambition. Instead he dispersed the people by confusing their language. 
Our intentions matter. Are you striving to do your best solely for self-satisfaction or are you trying to live righteously to honor and bring glory to your God? Who you are living to glorify shows who you are trusting in. Trust Jesus. 
Scripture taken from:

Genesis 11:1-9

Psalm 118:8

Serving Strengthens 

If you feel like you’re in a period of waiting, of uncertainty, of unhappiness I encourage you to serve the Lord. Ask him to show you what you can do for him, for his kingdom. This will strengthen you and help you as you endure difficult times. 
Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. Psalm 27:14

Brass brings gold.
Iron brings silver.
Wood brings brass.
Stones bring iron.
The “measly” sacrifice you were sure would be of no benefit….
It’ll be worth something of great value.
Allow Jesus to deal with you because the return far outweighs the cost.
Scripture taken from:

Isaiah 60:17
Originally posted October 21, 2014


“If I would have handled that differently I’d be better for the kingdom of God”…some of us define ourselves based on circumstances of the past. 
Then there is “i am just waiting for the day to see how the Lord will use me” …some of us choose to define ourselves by our future.
But I want you to see how God defines you right now, in this moment: His. Redeemed. Part of the functioning body of Christ. Worthy of the blood sacrifice from his only begotten Son. You, right now, are loved, cherished and useful to the King of Kings. 
Let that define you. 


Jonathan didn’t just comply to God’s will but he proactively participated in seeing that it came to pass. 

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