Mary had just been visited by the shepherds that proclaimed her baby as Christ the Lord…she pondered this in her heart. 
The lame man had been healed through the name of Jesus…he leapt in the streets.
Peter’s mother-in-law was healed because of Jesus’ touch…immediately she began to serve others.
When we joyfully recognize the presence of God in our life we react by worshipping. But this looks different for different people. 
Was Mary wrong in being quiet? No.

Was Peter’s mother-in-law wrong in honoring God by working for him? No. Was the lame man wrong for jumping down the streets? No. 
All of them were different but they all gave God glory…and that is the point of worship–to glorify God. 
Worship as the Lord leads you. 
Scripture taken from:

Luke 2:11-19

Acts 3:1-10

Matthew 8:14-15