Are you allowing yourself hopelessness in place of hopefulness?
Hagar had every reason to be hopeful when she left Abraham’s camp. Not because he had provided some essentials for her but because of a conversation she had with the angel of The Lord prophesying a multitude of descendants from her seed.
But instead of focusing on God’s promises she focused on her current situation: she had little to live on, no plan and no help. She prepared herself and her son to perish. 
When she should have been praising she was pouting. 
God saw fit, as he always does, to keep his promises. He miraculously provided for Hagar and her son. Her eyes were opened to a well in the wilderness. Hagar and Ishmael would survive.
Hopefulness reigned in Hagar’s life again. God blessed in the way that he said he would. A nation descended from Ishmael. 
Christian, don’t allow your hope in The Lord to decline when situations don’t look promising. He is always working things for your good. Praise him no matter how dire the situation seems.
Originally posted September 30, 2014