I’ve recently become a runner. (Aka really slow jogger.) I’ve chosen to use this time to pray, to try to draw closer to the Lord. 
The other day he led me to pray along the lines of “show me your presence in my life”. 
This morning in my bible time he gave me this scripture: “Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually.”

I Chronicles 16:11
Here is what I took from that: the Lord is present throughout all of my life. I just have to put forth effort to look for him. 
Now I’ve known that the Lord is with me. But to be reminded to be on the lookout for the love that he wants to pour out on me daily is a blessing in itself. There is always something to show his presence. 
Today when I went to the mailbox and received a note of encouragement from a friend of mine encouraging me in the ministry I was ecstatic. Within the card was a piece of scripture that the Lord has spoken to me over and over. I just stand in awe of the Lord and his want to walk closely with his children! 
Our days would go so much better if we are in the frame of mind to be looking for the Lord. I challenge you to try it out. You won’t be disappointed.