I have zinnias growing in my backyard. Zeke and Trae bring the girls and me flowers from the patches. Lots of beauty and happiness come from the flowers.
I was mowing the yard today and kept walking past a patch of them. The thought entered my mind to just mow them too. I had the mower, the gas and the ability to just plow them down. So I pushed the blessings of the flowers aside. I figured if God really wanted to keep me from mowing them over he would stop it from happening, right? Maybe make an invisible shield around them? Or make my mower break?
No!! Along with the perfect opportunity to mow them over I was given an opportunity to not touch them. He gave me sense enough to be able to walk away from the situation and to pray. 
I hope you’re seeing the symbolism here. Too often we get ourselves into positions where we choose to sin (mow the flowers) and then instead of taking responsibility we blame God by saying “well he could have stopped me if I really shouldn’t have done it”. 
You have free will. You choose to be a servant to sin or a servant to righteousness.

There will always be a way out. Instead of looking to blame God after the fact look for a way to glorify Jesus in the midst of your trial. 
And as a side note: The Lord really used this to teach me a lesson in self-control. I have two patches of flowers. I decided to mow one of the patches down as a reminder to myself of the Lord’s lesson for me. It was hard and I could have cried when Zeke said “Momma, why did you mow down our flowers?” But my answer to him: “it was a choice I made, Bud” spoke straight to my soul. 
Scripture taken from:

Romans 6:18

I Corinthians 10:13