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September 2016

He Remembers

“For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love, which ye have shewed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister.” Hebrews 6:10
You’re making an impact–even if you don’t realize it. Keep surrendering every day to Christ. He’s honoring your efforts. 

Set Up for Success

At the end of King Nebuchadnezzer’s life he praised the King of heaven. Our king. He acknowledged that God was the one in control of his success.
And I wonder if he knew just how true his words were.
Roughly two decades before Nebuchadnezzar’s praise Jeremiah had prophesied that Nebuchadnezzar would have a great kingdom, blessed by God.
Jeremiah illustrated this by hiding stones in the Egyptians’ brick kiln. The stones hidden in the clay would be part of the foundation of their buildings. Wherever the stones were used Nebuchadnezzar’s royal pavilion was to spread over them.
Nebuchadnezzar was most likely unaware that this had happened, yet he benefited from it. He was literally given a foundation from God.
God has provided a foundation for you too. You might not have realized or acknowledged when he began working in your life. But he did.
Maybe it was Sunday school.
Maybe it was a Christian friend.
Or a tract you read on your own.
Jesus has been working on our success stories long before most of us realize.
Isn’t that just like the God we serve? He kept on loving us even when he wasn’t receiving anything in return.
Jesus loves you. He has provided for you. It’s because of those provisions that you stand as a child of his today.
Scripture taken from: Jeremiah 43:8-13
Originally posted September 24, 2014


The Shunamite mother wanted Elisha to come visit her deceased son. Elisha told his servant to go to the boy and lay his staff upon him. The dead boy wasn’t affected by Elisha’s servant. He wasn’t affected by Elisha’s staff. 
The Shunamite woman convinced Elisha to come to her house. The boy came alive when Elisha went to him. 
Isn’t that a picture of us sometimes? We think “oh this will be easier and it’ll probably work”. But that type of attitude can lead to blessings being delayed and hearts potentially becoming hardened. 
Surrender fully to what you are called to do when you are called to do it. You have been called to do wonderful things for the Lord. He is wanting to use you for his glory.
Scripture taken from:

II Kings 4:28-37

Humble Man

Jonathan, by default, was in line to be the next King of Israel. He served God faithfully. 
Within a short period of time that responsibility was taken from him and given to another man. Jonathan still served God faithfully. 
In my opinion, Jonathan is one of the most humble people in the Word. No matter how God wanted to use him he was willing. He wasn’t after fame, recognition or what he felt he deserved. He was just found chasing after God’s will for his life.

Ruth just wanted her and her mother-in-law’s life to be sustained. She went to Boaz’s field with that intention.
She left that evening with more barley than she had planned on, a place to refresh herself when she became weary and food and water to give her strength.
She went into the fields expecting to just get by and left with blessings that exceeded her imagination.
Isn’t that just like our lives with Jesus?
We come to Him just wanting a Savior. But in addition to that he feeds us, supplies our every need and gives us rest; He becomes our Provider.
Humble yourselves before The Lord. He has great plans to bless you beyond what you can even fathom.

Praise for His Presence

“Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid” says Jesus. 
Because his presence, rather it be for correction, guidance or comfort is always praiseworthy. His presence means -I love you. I want only the best for you. I am not giving up on you. 
Scripture reference taken from:

Matthew 14:27


So The Lord gave me a project. And I found myself tempted to nix the whole idea because the results may not be what I would like to envision.
But I was reminded that we aren’t called to follow God’s will only when we think it will yield good results.
We are called to follow him regardless of what may be in the future.
Boldly go forth knowing that God will have his way with your obedience. As a result the outcome will be great, even if doesn’t match up with your preconceived ideas.
Originally posted September 22, 2014

The In Between

Saul was part of a family in the smallest tribe of Israel, yet he was chosen to be the king over the nation. 
Small beginnings doesn’t necessarily mean small endings. 
Keep trusting in Jesus. He is in control. 

Scripture taken from:

I Samuel 1 9:21


Mary had just been visited by the shepherds that proclaimed her baby as Christ the Lord…she pondered this in her heart. 
The lame man had been healed through the name of Jesus…he leapt in the streets.
Peter’s mother-in-law was healed because of Jesus’ touch…immediately she began to serve others.
When we joyfully recognize the presence of God in our life we react by worshipping. But this looks different for different people. 
Was Mary wrong in being quiet? No.

Was Peter’s mother-in-law wrong in honoring God by working for him? No. Was the lame man wrong for jumping down the streets? No. 
All of them were different but they all gave God glory…and that is the point of worship–to glorify God. 
Worship as the Lord leads you. 
Scripture taken from:

Luke 2:11-19

Acts 3:1-10

Matthew 8:14-15

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