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August 2016


Gideon: a common man, born into a common situation, yet called to do mighty things. God was able to use him when he humbled himself before the Lord. 
John 15:16 Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you. 


Paul wrote a letter to Timothy. In part of the letter he asked for Timothy to bring him his coat and his books that he had left behind. 
From this simple request we learn that Paul, one of the most well known ambassadors for Christ, dealt with life not going exactly as he had planned. 
If he had known that he would be spending the colder months confined in Rome surely he would have left his home better prepared. 
Instead of giving up on God and forsaking all godly relationships he asked for his friends to help him. He served the Lord from where he was.
Let’s be like Paul and make the best of unexpected circumstances. God is faithful to use you where you are. Be faithful to him. 
Scripture taken from:

II Timothy 4:13

Prayers Please

It’s good to know that the Lord is our strength and he only wants what is best for us. Jesus is worthy of our praise.

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book. Remember me in prayer as I try to do his will. 

Someone Will Pay

The man held his swollen arm that was seething in pain. The venomous snake slithered out the door of the house.
He stumbled to the floor. Sweat trickled down his face. Visions of outrunning the lion flashed before him.
And then the bear. He was sure to have lost his life to the bear had he not found this house. The house would provide peace for him.
Or so he thought.
The man gasped for his final breath and entered eternity.
This is the parable of the Israelites thinking they could escape judgment of their sin.
But judgment of sin can’t be evaded.
Someone is going to pay the price.
Will you accept the righteous blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ?
Or will you die in your sin and face the consequences on your own?
Choose Jesus.

Originally posted August 22, 2014

Wordless Prayers

The widowed mother cried as they took her only son away. Jesus came to her, recognized her sorrow and then raised the boy from the dead. 
No where is it mentioned that the woman voiced a request to Christ. 
Sometimes we don’t know what words to say when we speak to our Lord. But by welcoming his presence we are inviting him to take control of the situation. He is completely capable of deciphering our wordless emotions and hearing what we can’t say. 
Instead of waiting to meet with God only when you’ve come up with what you think is the perfect prayer just make yourself, emotional as you may be, available to be in his presence, ready to hear what he has for you. 
Scripture taken from:

Luke 7:11-17

You Are Here For A Reason

Joash’s hope for a bright future in the Lord looked grim. Twice he escaped death. The Lord preserved him because he had something for him to do. God had plans for Joash. 
You too have a future with Jesus. Remember that your life is a God-given opportunity to honor and glorify him, to be about his work and to see his kingdom grow.
Scripture taken from:

Colossians 3:17

In His Time

The picture on the left is a representation of you planting seeds in your life, in the lives of others. 
The picture on the right is a representation of God blessing your efforts by growing them.
Keep planting. Keep watering. God will give the increase in his time.
Is it not yet a very little while, and Lebanon shall be turned into a fruitful field, and the fruitful field shall be established as a forest?

Isaiah 29:17

Same Saved

Every human is in need of a sacrifice to cleanse themselves from sin.
Jesus’ blood is the pure, unblemished and holy sacrifice that is capable of doing that.
Only Jesus’ blood.
So if we, as Christians, are covered by the same exact blood why do some perceive that they are more righteous than others?
All of our righteousness was as filthy rags. Jesus blood is the only washing that can take care of our sinful filth.
Your righteousness comes from Christ alone.
Don’t be proud, boastful, or haughty…without the blood you are lost.
Humble yourselves before The Lord and your fellow Christians. We’re in this together.

Originally posted August 2013

Looking Out For You

Joash, at age seven, had just been anointed King by his uncle Jehoiada. Joash walked in the courts surrounded by people singing praises, playing instruments and his grandmother yelling “treason!”.

Immediately Jehoiada had her detained, taken from the courts and slain for her act of treason and previous murders. 

Joash was able to stay upon the throne unharmed because Jehoiada was looking out for him. He knew that the grandmother had only intended harm for the boy. Instead of allowing Joash to be caught off guard Jehoiada stepped in and stood in the gap between the two. 

Christians we should be the same way. We should be looking out for each other. We shouldn’t just sit by and wait for our brothers or sisters to be pounced. We are the body of Christ that needs to stick together. 

Scripture taken from:

II Chronicles 23:12-15

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