Jacob dreamed a dream that promised him a future blessed by God. He woke from the dream in awe of God, in complete reverence to his power. He built an altar to worship the Lord there and named the place Bethel. 

As time moved on the impression the experience left on Jacob began to diminish. His family and traveling company had begun to worship false gods. 

God spoke to Jacob. He told him to get rid of the false gods and to go back to Bethel to make him an altar there. Jacob obeyed. God, again, promised Jacob a blessed future in that place. 

Probably we can all remember a time or place when we strongly felt God’s presence in our life. If you have drifted, go back to that place to allow God to remind you of his promises. Maybe the time included meeting with the Lord regularly for Bible study. If so, start studying again. Maybe you left church. Start attending again. 

Ask the Lord to show you what has caused you to feel removed from him and then do whatever it takes to get back to the place of total commitment to the Lord. God hasn’t moved. He is still there wanting to bless and strengthen you. Go to him.

Scripture taken from:

Genesis 28:10-22 & 35:1-15